First Help, THEN Yelp: Movers Screwing Over Comedians

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[Synopsis: Pushing your customers around is never a good idea. Especially when they’ve got pull.]

You hear the one about the comedian who won his case against the moving company?

The comedian had a better delivery.


Honestly, the honest truth is stranger than any joke I could come up with. I’ll prove it with two stories of moving companies not playing nice with their comedian customers.

The first story involves a comedian and his couch and a moving company who allegedly demands that Mr. Funny write and post a review on Yelp before the movers show up. Mr. Funny doesn’t think this is very funny and the situation quickly heads in a downward spiral.

The moving company was embroiled in controversy after Burgess posted onto social media a private text conversation with the movers in which he was referred to using a gay slur. He, of course, finally left them their review.


After the mayhem, the folks accused of this funny business claimed they were never in touch with Tituss Burgess, the comedian who just wanted his couch to be somewhere else. “They suspect that someone is using the company’s name and reputation to do business as them,” we are told. What we are not told is where Mr. Burgess’s couch is.

Our second story is also not funny at all. In fact, it is so not funny it’s almost hard to believe. But comedian Kurt Braunohler lays it all out in the Yelp review on his facebook page:

“…Then, after your movers moved all of my mom’s earthly possessions onto their truck, they presented me with a bill for five times the quote. When we called you and explained the situation, you blamed me for being naive enough to believe the quote. You told me I should be aware of moving costs and know that was too low. When we explained that my mom had just died you told us “aww, get a hotel room and hug it out.”


Comedians are funny. That’s their job. Our job is to move things. And yeah, we like to have a little fun on the job when we can.

But some things just aren’t funny.


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