Freight Trains, Fires and Live Wires: A Three-Part Case for Safety

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Hazards abound in the transportation industry. Some are avoidable, but much more must simply be managed. Here we take a look at three incidents that remind us to take note – and action – to avoid disaster.

Chester, Virginia

In late January a perfect storm of bad planning, bad equipment and really bad timing, left a truckload of stuff – not to mention some of the truck – all over an ill-designed road.

It appears an Atlas Van Lines driver was trying to navigate a tight turn that left his trailer straddling two sets of train tracks. The railroad warning mechanisms in place, we are told, were not operating when the driver of the truck rolled up onto the rails. We are also told that the truck had stalled and was reported as ‘abandoned’. Regardless, it came as a surprise to all involved when a CSX freight train came rumbling around the bend.

This google-eye view of the scene of the accident helps to understand how it all could happen. These pictures, meanwhile, help us all see the value in proceeding with caution – even when we don’t see any warning signs.

Article with Photos of train crash:

Herbertsville, New Zealand

Meanwhile, way down south, Britton Housemovers Ltd. has just been fined $60,000 for failing to show some common sense. The hefty amount comes as a result of a December 2013 situation involving a downed power line, some downed livestock and some movers with an attitude even further south than Herbertsville.

Apparently, Britton’s house movers clipped a power line along their route and, rather than stop and deal with it properly, just kept on rambling forward. Moments later the live wire did in several sheep and two dogs while a group of (fortunately well-behaved) school children waited for the bus nearby.

The lesson here is clear: Take responsibility. Be responsible. Rectify your mistakes before they electrify someone.

Carlsbad, California

And lastly, we take a look at the case of the Burning Bekins Truck. We aren’t exactly given an overflow of information as to how the truck caught fire or what Ms. Langdon was or wasn’t told concerning the details of her coverage. What we do know is that the customer thought one thing, the moving company another, and the result has been a firestorm of negativity by Ms. Langdon.

We see all too often the problems that can arise when the specifics of a customer’s coverage are not adequately conveyed or understood. Yes, we have a responsibility to explain everything and the customer has a responsibility to understand. There must be accountability on both sides – which is the only way to ensure, in the case of catastrophe, that no one gets burned.

We go into great detail on the subject of insurance coverage and liability in this month’s feature article. Be sure to go over all the fascinating fine print and know your stuff well enough so you are able to explain to each customer in clear, simple terms how much each form of coverage actually covers.

This way, down the road, there will be much less chance of one of your customers starting a fire online.


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