5 of Our Favorite DIY Back to School Tips

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I can’t even believe that I’m typing this right now, but it’s true…the time has come to head back to school. As a high school teacher, I know all too well how this time of year tends to creep up on all of us and leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Yeah, kissing your carefree summer goodbye isn’t always fun. But these five organizing ideas will hopefully lessen the stress of heading back to school and set a precedent that this school year will be the best (and most organized) one yet! Trust us on this one.

1. Create a personalized and stylish workspace NOW

iheartorganizing_workspace.02 AMDIY workspace via iheartorganizing

We love the idea of creating a stylish workspace (like this one!) It can ooze with your child’s personality and style. By making a designated space that your child had ownership in creating/decorating, they will be far more excited (and inspired) to use this space to work on that inevitable homework.

2. Pick out your outfits together the night before


Photo by Image Arrow

If you talk to your child about back to school fashion, trust me, I’m sure they have a strong opinion. Backpacks, new shoes, their first day of school outfit…all of these are important decisions for most kids. Instead of waiting until the morning, encourage your kids to choose their outfit and pack their backpack the night before. This will help eliminate some of the stress in the morning, and make them that much more excited!

3. Make a menu for your first week of lunches


Photo by Slim Sanity

Back to school season is busy enough, but throw in practice after school, dance recitals, late-night theater practice and homework and magically this time of year just got a whole lot busier… fast! Meal planning for the entire first week will help you and your kids stay healthy during this crazy time. Plus, it’ll pump up your kids and make them feel more involved and excited for class.

4. Make one of these carpool survival guides

diy_desk_emergency_kit-16 copy

When school starts and you start feeling like you are a part-time Uber driver, we want to make sure you have the necessities you need just in case a minor emergency comes up. Band-aids, granola bars, wipes and cash are just a few of the items we would recommend adding to this box of goodies. (More ideas for what to add in your kit can be found here). Simply store this box in your glove compartment or trunk and you’ll be able to calmly address any crisis that comes up en route.

5. Store all their new artwork electronically

I’m sure everyone loves their child’s artwork, but there’s just so much of it and collecting all of that paper can become a bit overwhelming at home. Instead of throwing it away, we love the idea of using the Keepy App to save these masterpieces electronically.

Hopefully, with these five tips, your back to school season will be a little less stressful and a lot more fun! Yes, summer is over but there is an exciting year of new beginnings in store!


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