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Kevin’s Slow Season Tips: Speak Up!

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[Synopsis: Some folks have never heard of hiring moving labor. Here’s one way to let them know.]

The question comes up every year:

“How do we keep busy once the busy season is over?”

Yes, it’s time to get creative again. Time to come up with some new tricks to attract the work that’s out there (without tossing our marketing money into the autumn wind).

Do People Even Know Who We Are?

The Internet is crawling with ‘experts’ giving advice on how to save money on a move. Most of them compare full-service moving with DIY as if these were the only two options out there, and end up offering blithe advice on how to load a PODS:

“Make sure the container is tightly packed.”

“Fill any voids or spaces.”

“Pack your furniture first, then add your boxes.”

Disaster in the making.

Maybe these experts don’t feel like suggesting hiring moving labor. Maybe they just don’t think of it. Or maybe…maybe they don’t know anything about the moving labor market.

We bet it’s that last one. It’s practically an epidemic, affecting these guysthis guythis woman and this “exhaustive” 72-point list of money-saving tips. “Save money by loading all your stuff yourself!”

They never mention the cost of replacing all that self-loaded, self-damaged stuff.

Here We Are!

This is where each of us comes in. 

Whether you use Google alerts, subscribe to certain industry email updates, or just surf the web to keep up on things in our industry, you’re bound to come across a few “Save Money on Your Move” pieces. For the ones that allow comments, think about drafting together your two cents. You’ll be doing Jane and Joe Consumer a favor while giving our own industry a little boost. How many times have you been swayed by a well thought out comment that landed right after an article? You have the power.

Articles and columns like this in your local or regional web news resources too tend to divide their attention between full-service and DIY and head straight to the “bribe your friends with pizza and beer” routine. They don’t mention the benefits (let alone the mere idea) of hiring moving labor instead of that full-service company, usually because they don’t understand how much time and safety is gained by doing a Hybrid move. 

This is where we come in. 

And Here We Go!

We were going to end with a snarky remark about getting off Facebook and getting on your comment-marketing horse, but your local moving Facebook pages like this one (Lexington, MA, same as the above Patch article) may offer just as good a chance to spread the moving-labor word.

Just remember: some people simply don’t know about our type of service. So be nice when you use the Internet to your advantage! 


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