A Tasty Gift for Your New Neighbors (Plus a FREE Printable!)

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Being the new kid in town can be hard, and we’ve all been there before. You don’t know a soul, don’t know if people are friendly, and heck you probably don’t even know where the nearest grocery store can be found. Yep, being new can sometimes suck.

We think you should make the whole “new kid” thing suck a little less for the new neighbor in your neck of the woods. Sure, you already know how to be a good neighbor because you read this etiquette post. But we think you guys are total overachievers, and you’re willing to go above and beyond to welcome your new neighbors to their ‘hood.

So why not welcome the new kids to the block with this easy, inexpensive, edible, won’t-take-you-more-than-5-minutes gift?!

Intrigued? Well we didn’t even tell you the best part…we did most of the heavy lifting for you! Yep, we already whipped up an adorable little tag that will go with that homemade gift of yours.


All you have to do is download the print right here, and then cut it out and attach to your gift with some ribbon or cute washi tape!Welcome-To-Neighborhood-Gift-Tag

As for the gift…well if you’ve got baking skills now is the time to show them off! Whip up your famous chocolate chip cookies, or show off your bountiful vegetable garden with a homemade zucchini bread. We don’t care what you make, and your neighbors probably won’t either. They’ll just be so touched that their friendly neighbor took some time to make them feel special.

Now if you have our baking skills (read: none at all) then a store-bought muffin, bread, or bundt cake is a-okay in our book. Heck, they don’t even need to know it’s from the local grocer.


So what do you say? Let’s all band together to make being the new kid in town a tad less sucky. Now go ahead and preheat that oven…it’s time to get baking!



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