Have the Best Address on the Block… Literally

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After living in my house for over three years, I finally decided to take down the original address plate that came with our home and swap it out with something a lot more “me”. Check out the before and after of this simple project…




This up-cycled address plate didn’t cost me much to create, but it does add some serious style to the front of our house. Now that I can see the big impact that this small project made, I want to spread the word so others can improve their curb appeal while adding a bit more personality to their home. Here are seven DIY address plates that will make your neighbors do a double take next time they drive by.

1. Modern Address Planter

DIY-address-signs.43 AMImage via Cricut 

2. Upcycled Paint Sticks

diy_modern_address_sign-4Image and Tutorial via The DIY Playbook

3. Charming Coastal Cottage

DIY-address-signs.34 AMImage and Tutorial via Scavenger Chic

4. A-door-able Address

DIY-address-signs.32 AMImage via Houzz

5. Industrial Pipes

DIY-address-signs.05 AMImage via Houzz

6. Nailed it!

DIY-address-signs.38 AMImage via The Garden G Love

7. Go Green

DIY-address-signs.08 AMImage via Houzz

8. Personalized Plants

DIY-address-signsImage & Tutorial via the DIY Showoff

Before you go and change anything, we do think it’s important that you choose a new address plate that is very clear for first responders to read if there is an emergency at your home. As long as they can clearly read it from the street, we think any DIY address sign is a great idea! And regardless of what DIY Address plate you choose, we hope your new address plate reflects your style and your home’s personality. With a little DIY attention, you’re going to have the best address on the block!


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