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Help a Friend Move (Without Lifting Anything)

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Let’s say your friends are moving into a new home. And if these friends of yours are smart they’ve already hired helpers, so they’re all set for their big moving day. But you – being the amazing, thoughtful, generous friend that you are – still want to somehow help these friends with their move. Since the physical moving and lifting part is covered (thanks, HireAHelper!), you need to get a bit more creative when it comes to helping out.

Fear not! Moving is more than just picking up boxes; Here are five ways to help your friends move without any heavy lifting.

1. Provide childcare


Having the kids around on moving day will not only slow down the process, but it can also be potentially dangerous. Offering to babysit the kids while your friends are busy with all the pieces of their move is a great way to lend a hand. Trust us on this one.

2. Make them a home-cooked meal


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A home-cooked meal may not be the right dinner ON moving day…the dishes may still be packed in boxes after all. But bringing over a hot meal a few days after moving in is a wonderful idea and we’re totally sure those friends of yours would definitely appreciate it!

3. Pet-sit!


If your friends don’t have kids, they may have a pet. And no one wants to worry about the well-being of their animal during a hectic moving day. Even if you only watch their pet for a few hours, you’re still doing your part to make their busy day a little less stressful.

4. Help clean the old place


When you’re moving into a new home, you’re often so excited to get your new home unpacked and looking good that you neglect to give your old place a good clean. And yeah, the landlord will notice. While your friends unpack at their new place, offer to clean the old one. It may take some time and some sweat, but it’s one less HUGE thing that your moving friends need to worry about. Major friendship points to be earned here.

5. Give a practical gift


We’ve written many blog posts here on the HireAHelper blog with great gift ideas that are easy to make, affordable and best of all….practical! Give your friends a moving gift they’ll actually use in their new place. Here are a gift guide, a DIY gift and a gift that is guaranteed to make you hungry.

So are you ready to win the friend of the year award? We think you’re well on your way if you do any of these five things for your friends who are moving into a new pad. And the best part? No back ache.


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