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New Insurance Partner

We have a new partnership with MovingInsurance.com that allows your customers to purchase full valuation insurance on their move. MovingInsurance only offers it to people who choose a service provider with an avg review of 4.5 or better.

More Call Center Support

We brought on new CSRs to help handle the increased summer load, so you’ll be hearing from more of us when customers are looking to book your services. Make sure to get invoices signed and/or use the PRL line prior to leaving job site. Use SMS feature to get paid.

Keep Your Calendar Updated

Calendar Availability

Make sure your availability is up to date, especially on the upcoming busy summer weekends, in the Availability tab of your profile. Right click on a day to block it off as unavailable or leave specific availability notes that’ll be visible to customers and our customer support representatives. (Examples: “Only available after 2pm” or “Only available from 8am-noon”)

Phone Support Reminder

We’re here to support you, our helpers, but our phone lines are primarily for customer issues. For the fastest response, please email “helper-support@hireahelper.com

Make More Money This Summer

Did you know that companies who background check their crew members through HireAHelper get 74% more orders than those who don’t?

Did you know that companies who background check and drug test their crew members through HireAHelper get orders that are 3 times bigger than average?

In a nutshell, it comes down to background checked and drug tested crew members. At $20 for background check and $30 for drug test, you will likely see those returns in the first couple of orders. This small investment in your crew members can drastically increase the amount of orders you receive from HireAHelper, and dramatically increase the size of orders you receive from HireAHelper.  Why? Our partners who refer their customers to HireAHelper require that we offer background checked crews to their customers. Additionally, our corporate relocation orders, which are about 3 times bigger than an average HireAHelper order, require that crew members be background checked and drug tested. More detailed information and stats can be found in your crew members tab here. DON’T miss out!

NEW In The Movers Academy – “How to take a proper inventory”

We have a new article in our Movers Academy on Inventory – the importance of doing an inventory sheet and how to do one properly. This is one lesson that will end up saving you thousands of dollars in loss and damage claims.

Movers Inventory Preview


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