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HireAHelper Releases The Moving Cost Calculator

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Instead of using a search engine and hoping for the best, what if there was an easy to understand, trustworthy site that could tell you every option for your move? Even their pros and cons and exactly how much each one cost?

Well, HireAHelper is excited to debut the best Moving Cost Calculator ever crafted. It’s a super-resource for anyone looking to see all their moving options at a glance.

Why Is it the Best Moving Cost Calculator?

Because of HireAHelper’s many partnerships and a vast network of thousands of professional movers and storage providers across the nation, the Moving Cost Calculator is able to tap into moving data deeper than anywhere else online. You get up to the second quotes with zero personal info or commitment.

The Moving Cost Calculator
“We’re excited to premiere what is essentially version 1.0 of the ‘Kayak of moving’,” says Mike Glanz, CEO of HireAHelper. “With just a couple of basic questions, you’re now able to instantly see what every one of your moving options are and how much each costs.”

Want to rent a truck and do a Hybrid Move? Book a Full Service moving company? Go it totally alone? Almost a decade of us moving people means The Moving Cost Calculator has an unprecedented amount of aggregate data. Says Glanz, “If you need to make a decision on how to move, it has literally never been easier.”

Just tell the calculator where you currently are and where you’re going, how many bedrooms you’re moving and the square footage. Then, let us know if you want to drive or you’d rather hire someone else to do it. That’s it! Afterward, just sit back and read all your options, listed with their pros and cons in one simple, easy to understand list.

Continues Glanz, “We can’t imagine moving any other way.”

Now that we’ve tried it, neither can we.


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