How Do I Apply For Jobs I Really Want?

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At HireAHelper, we’re always looking for quality candidates to fill our Customer Service Rep positions. Every spring, in the ramp up to the busy moving season, we start hiring in earnest. This year we have received dozens of resumes, some good and some not so great.

While sorting through resumes, we thought to ourselves, “What a great opportunity to help others help themselves!” So, here are our thoughts on how you can better apply for jobs you’re desperate to land.

Apply For Jobs, Get Handshakes

#1 Follow Instructions

You wouldn’t believe how many applications we get that are missing the information we need! When applying for a new position, no matter the position, read the instructions in the job posting! To be honest, if you don’t include what we’re asking for, it’s likely your resume won’t even be reviewed.

#2 Details!

Most employers want people that are detail-oriented. When missing a comma means the difference between $1,000 and $10,000 – employers want to know you’re gonna be on top of the little things that matter. What that looks like at HireAHelper is recognizing what people need, when they need it and then knowing if our service matches what they need!

#3 Tailor Your Resume

When you’re getting your resume together, don’t just grab an old one and toss it in your email as an attachment. Even worse, don’t just toss it in the body of an email! Make sure the resume you are sending matches at least in some facet the position you’re applying for. You don’t have to have call center experience to work at HAH, but you should have some customer service experience. You should be able to talk to people and help them out! Show us that you can do that and we’ll take notice!

#4 The Interview

Dress nice. Show up on time (or early!). Be confident, friendly, and practice beforehand! Sit with your friends and have them grill you. Get your answers down! Do an online search for interview tips. Find out what others are doing, what’s working, and what mistakes to avoid!

#5 Follow Up!

After your interview, let the kind folks who sat down with you know that you appreciated their time. It takes 2 minutes but the impression is long lasting and may mean the difference between a job offer and a pass!

#6 You’ve Done Your Best

You prepared. You didn’t toss all your eggs into one basket, right? If they offer you a position – respond promptly and do your best! If they don’t, chalk it up as a learning experience and resolve to do better next time!

Most employers are looking for honest employees – people they can trust with an assignment and who will get the work done. Do your homework before applying and you’ll do much better than just winging it!

Good Luck!

– HireAHelper



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