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How Much Do For Sale Signs Cost? We Compare The Results

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Average For Sale Signs Cost is $15.98

How much do FOR SALE SIGNS cost?

If you’re new to the market of selling homes, you may be just like us & completely clueless as to how much those bright red & white FOR SALE signs cost. Of course when you’re looking to sell your house BY OWNER, for sale signs are essential advertisement and those costs are a must, regardless of the price. However, we also realize that when you’re in the process of selling one place and moving into a new one, you feel like a 90’s rapper throwing big bills in the air like you just don’t care. (Not as fun as it looks, huh?)

Back to reality: we are not 90’s rappers (bummer!); we are working people who feel like every big bill matters! So when it comes to buying those FOR SALE signs to let the hood know your house is for sale, we want you to get the most bang for your buck and help you stop the money bleeding as much as we can.  Getting the best deal on those important signs will help us all feel a little better about the costs of moving. We recently set out to do a little research and answer this burning question on behalf of all those cost conscious movers out there:

Which store has the best DEAL on these important for sale signs?

For Sale Sign Cost Comparison - Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc.


So the average for sale signs cost right around $16, but not all signs are created equal. Notice the wide range of sizes and whether or not each sign comes with a stand, plastic frame, or metal frame. Walmart’s sign might be the cheapest at $13 but comes with a bracket instead of a sturdy metal frame. It might be worth another $3 at Lowe’s or Home Depot to ensure your sign stays visibly planted in your front lawn (or desertscape for those sand & rock loving DIYers out there).

If you find a better deal out there please let us know. Or if certain signs seem to hold up better against wind & rain, share in the comments.


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