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How NOT to Lose Important Docs Amidst Moving Chaos

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How to Keep Important Documents Organized on Moving Day

I am a self-proclaimed organized person. Open my pantry, peek in my coat closet, heck you can even investigate my bathroom vanity and I’m pretty very confident you are going to find orderly spaces with a lot of neatly labeled bins.

[Tweet “Call me crazy, but I just can’t seem to function when things feel cluttered… #TypeA”]

However, even organized people like myself acknowledge that there are times when life can’t be neatly labeled and filed away immediately.

One of those times? Moving Day.

Of course there are A LOT of steps you can take in order to ensure an organized moving experience (like this amazing moving timeline and checklist) but when you move into a new space, organization takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. And in the meantime, there are certain items that cannot get lost in the shuffle!

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One thing that new homeowners cannot afford to lose amidst the pile of boxes? Important moving documents. Whether these documents came from your closing, your new appliances, warranties on your new couch that is being delivered, or whatever other paperwork is being thrown your way…. these documents must stay organized so they don’t get lost in the shuffle (or even worse– thrown away!).

In order to keep this potluck of paperwork organized and accounted for, you need to have an organization paperwork plan before moving day. This system doesn’t have to be complex or even fancy, it just needs to be an efficient and effective way of keeping all of your documents in a safe place.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when creating your Moving Day Organization System:

1. Located in a safe, accessible place


This organization system needs to be available so that you can add new documents to it easily. It should also be in a safe place where your family and friends who are helping you unpack don’t mistake it for garbage. #yikes

2. Labeled Appropriately

Files Tape Organize

I suggest labeling the parts of the system to clarify what each document is for. If you use an accordion folder, you can label each pocket to fit your moving needs. If you purchase a portable filing box, then sticking in different labeled file folders will work too.

Here are some of the labels that will help keep your docs organized:

  • closing paperwork
  • new home details
  • warranties
  • receipts
  • to be paid
  • to be mailed
  • odds & ends

3. Keep everyone on the same page

Angry Movers - Heavy CouchCommunicate what the organization system is and how to use it BEFORE moving day to everyone that will be working with this system. Tell your spouse, roommate or family members where you will be storing this system and what docs need to be saved/filed. This way if they come across important documents and you are not around, they can file it without having to track you down.

4. Revisit the documents after Moving Day

Uhaul with Boxes

Possibly the most important tip is to make sure you look through the paperwork once the “dust has settled”. Reviewing all of the documents after move-in day will ensure that you aren’t forgetting to address anything that you need to.

Some of these documents may call this organization system their forever home, but after review, some of the documents may need to be copied and filed elsewhere (think a safe, safety deposit box, other filing system, etc.) and you will be able to get started on that after you review your docs.

With these tips, I hope you will feel confident that your important documents won’t accidentally get thrown away or lost in the sea of boxes on moving day. And if you’re a self-proclaimed organized person like me, I KNOW those papers will be permanently filed and those pretty colored bins will be neatly labeled in no time at all. Happy Organizing!


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