How to Be a Good Host to Overnight Guests

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Guest Room Makeover

When you’re a kid, sleepovers are a big deal. It’s the ultimate fun night with friends, and I’m sure we’ve all had many sleepover parties filled with food, fort building, and movie marathons.  Ahhh the good ol’ days…

As an adult, sleepovers are a lot less common. Unless, you consider your relatives staying over the holidays as a nice week-long sleepover. Yeah…we didn’t think so. But we think “grown-up sleepovers” are a definite “do”, because why should the sleepover fun stop just because we’re adults?! Hosting overnight guests shouldn’t be a bore, and most importantly it shouldn’t be tons of work to get ready for your guests. If you prepare now, you’ll be ready when your Aunt pops into town for a surprise visit. So here’s how to be a good host to overnight guests to make your family and friends feel welcome in your home.

The Basics

It’s more than just providing a comfortable bed, if you really want to make your guests feel at ease, then you should stock up on these basic supplies…

  • Clean Towels: Leave a couple on the bed so they don’t need to ask for a clean one.
  • Extra pillows and blankets: Don’t force your guests to tip-toe around at night if they get chilly…have some all ready for them in your guest room.
  • Bedside Table with Lamp: This allows your guests to do some late night or early morning reading without bothering you.
  • Alarm Clock: Some people may use their cell phone as an alarm, but there’s just something about a good ol’ fashioned alarm clock that adds to the charm of a guest room.jutejarIMG_10571

Next Level Hosting

You’ve got the basics down, but now you really want to wow your guests.

  • Accessible Outlet: There’s nothing worse than staying overnight somewhere only to find that you have absolutely no spot to charge your phone. I’ve definitely moved furniture, unplugged cords, and crawled under beds to try to find an empty outlet. Have an empty one easily accessible for your guests.
  • Water: Extra water bottles or even a carafe of water with glasses is a nice touch.
  • Tissues: Keep them on a bedside table, or tucked inside the top drawer.
  • Luggage rack/Extra Hangers/Coat Hooks: No one enjoys living out of a suitcase. Give your guests the option to unpack and keep their clothing wrinkle-free. If you’re tight on space, over the door hooks work well and will keep bags, wet towels, and clothes off the floor.Nightstand-Styling

Practically a Hotel

Wow, maybe you should just go ahead and open a Bed & Breakfast! You’re definitely the “Hostess with the Mostess”.

  • Extra phone charger: Anticipate your guest’s needs and have a spare one all ready to go.
  • Eye mask and ear plugs: Your guests may never leave…
  • Reading material: A stack of your favorite novels, old magazines, a book about your city…all great options to beat boredom during their stay.
  • Pen and paper: So they can leave you a note if you’re out and about.
  • Mirror: Don’t force your visitors to cram into the bathroom to get ready. If you have the space, a mirror will be a great option for them to beautify during their stay.
  • Extra everything: Next time you’re at a hotel, grab those mini bottles of shampoo, soap, and conditioner. It’s great to have little toiletries on hand, so your guests truly have everything they need.

There you have it, a big list of supplies you can have on hand to make your guests feel like your place is their “Home Away from Home.”

What do you do to prepare for overnight guests? Are we missing anything on our list?



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