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How Can I Get More Customers Through HireAHelper?

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HireAHelper Customer Reviews - How to get more customers
The short answer in three steps to more orders:

1. Attract EVERY Customer

2. Do 5 Star Work on EVERY Job

3. Get EVERY Customer to Leave A Review

Too simple?

Here’s the longer, but much more helpful explanation behind the three steps to more orders:

1. Attract EVERY Customer

Whether you’re new to the site, or competing neck & neck with another helper to rank first as the top rated provider in your area, you’ve got to be the most compelling option to every set of eyes that sees your listing. There are 2 ways to do that:

Be The Cheapest Mover (at least for few orders)

Customers are prone to scrolling down the list of movers looking for a great deal. So what if you’re at the bottom? If you list the absolute lowest price on a couple of movers in your town, thrifty customers will find your listing and book you to help them. You don’t have to be the cheapest forever, but it definitely helps get those extra few customers (and their glowing reviews) right when you need them to push you up in the rankings.

To be the cheapest you also need to be aware of what your competition is charging. Go to and enter your zip code (or better yet the zip code of the biggest nearby city) and a date a few weeks in the future, and you’ll see a list of the other moving companies and their pricing.

Give the Best Description

I’m amazed at the hundreds of poorly written helper descriptions I come across every day. I’ve seen almost every written error you can make, all within helper description boxes. If a customer sees your listing in the HireAHelper results as being equal to your competitors on price and reviews, then the only thing left pushing them to book you is a better description. Make it excellent!

Is the description of your day labor or moving service well written, friendly, and informative? Or does it read like a sloppy sales pitch?

A Great Example from DNG Services LLC

Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Is it a family run business? Have you moved people in your hometown for 30 years? Do you bring tools to every order? Do you assemble & dis-assemble furniture? Stating facts about your company and how you operate will build customer confidence in your service much more than claiming to be “the best move you’ll ever make.”

If your description sounds sloppy, the customer will think your movers are sloppy. If a customer feels pressured while reading it, they’ll worry about feeling pressured during the move. If it sounds helpful and friendly, customers will expect your crew to be helpful and friendly.

2. Do 5 Star Work on EVERY Job

Do work that is so good, even your mother would be impressed. Five star review-type effort isn’t good enough – I’m talking about six star quality. Doing that kind of work (and training your crews to work that hard) means you can ask every single customer for a review, without fear, and know that the customers who do leave a review will rave about your service.

3. Get EVERY Customer to Leave A Review

Explain to the customer how important posting a review is to you staying profitable. It may only be 5 minutes and a few clicks to the customer, but they need to know that to you, their review means keeping the lights on, paying for Tiny Tim to go to college, or keeping gas in the truck.

4. Be Ready to Say Yes to Last Minute Job Requests

I know, I said there were 3 tips, but I think you’re so cool for reading to the end that I’m throwing in a bonus tip. Surprisingly enough we get lots of visitors to and phone calls from customers looking for same day or next day help with their moving job. A lot of the top ranked companies get booked up early and aren’t available, which opens up the field for the rest of you. If you can be ready and available to say yes at the last minute to odd requests, they can be a great source of customers in a pinch who are ready to leave happier-than-normal reviews if the job is done well.

So there you have it, some tips on attracting more moving customers to your listing on If you’re a moving company looking to buy moving leads, we can offer one better – actual customers with booked reservations. Check out more details on our sign-up page here:

By Daniel Horning


  1. Michael Tutty (@mtutty)

    I know this is aimed mainly at movers, but your advice is gold for anyone whose business depends on an online marketplace – including Etsy, eBay, etc. There’s such a huge penalty for getting even *one* bad review or *one* less-than-perfect rating. Providers really have to be responsive to each and every customer.

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