How to Leave a Review on HireAHelper

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I noticed a lot of people have been searching the web and calling or emailing us asking how to leave their review on for the service provider they hired.

So, I wanted to write up a quick how-to, hopefully answering that question. Reviews are our bread and butter – we’d love to help more customers leave them!

How to Leave a Review on HireAHelper:

  1. Complete an order through
    This may sound obvious, but we actually get calls regularly from people wanting to let us know how their move went even though they didn’t use HireAHelper to book it. We never accept external reviews that we can’t verify are from real customers. Why? Because we want to be sure the person calling isn’t a competitor, a family member, or in any other way lying about having used the service. We want real customers to tell us how the movers actually perform – good or bad (we never, ever edit or remove reviews with the exception of censoring graphic profanity).
  2. Watch for the “Leave a Review” Email within 48 Hours
    We figured most customers would be slammed with a long list of things to do right after getting into their new home (unpacking, cleaning, stocking the fridge, etc.) so we delay sending the “Leave a Review” email a little bit to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.So, if you just released payment on your order a few seconds ago and are so completely excited by the mover’s performance that you want to shout it to the world, we’d love to hear about it on Twitter or Facebook. However, the link you need to post the review to the helper’s profile won’t be available until at least tomorrow. But we appreciate your enthusiasm!

There have been over 16,000 reviews posted to HireAHelper to date and more pour in everyday. Be part of the flood of feedback and accountability that’s helping us to change the moving industry for the better. Let us know how your helper did and be honest! If it was awesome, we’d love to celebrate with you. If it ruined your day, your week or maybe even the rest of your year, we need to hear about it so that we can make sure to review your helper’s account for possible removal and so that we can try to make amends with you (we’re big fans of amends).


By Daniel Horning


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