How to Make a Gift Card Extremely Memorable

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Moving is a time to celebrate! There’s nothing like a fresh start, so take this opportunity to show the new homeowners or renters in our lives a little extra love during their special time. We’ve rounded up some adorable ideas to gift new homeowners here and here, but we also know that many people prefer the safe and easy route of giving a gift card.

And let’s be honest, giving a gift card is always a good idea – who doesn’t love a gift card?! More importantly, who doesn’t need a little extra money when you’re moving? But gift cards can come across as generic and thoughtless. We are here to CHANGE that misconception by wrapping it up in a way that still shows personalization and creativity. So instead of dropping this gift card into a plain envelope, we have created this 5 minute DIY moving box gift card holder. Here’s how we made this DIY moving box gift card holder for less than five bucks!

1. Get your supplies

diy_giftcard_holder_moving_box 1 copy

For this project, you’ll need just a couple of items including:

  • a gift card of your choice
  • a foldable box (we bought this one for $1 at Michaels craft stores)
  • box stuffing (also found at Michaels)
  • a marker
  • washi tape
  • string

2. Fold box

diy_giftcard_holder_moving_box-001 2 copy

Once you have your supplies, you’re basically half way done with this project (it’s seriously that easy). Simply fold up the box and drop in the “stuffing” followed by the gift card. You can also throw in a well wish, a mini card that says who this gift is from, or whatever other “fun” surprises you want to be a part of the box.

3. Decorate the box

diy_giftcard_holder_moving_box-002 3 copy

Now onto the fun part — the labeling of the box! Here’s where you can get really creative depending on the homeowner and their specific situation. Using washi tape, we wrote “FRAGILE” on the tape and stuck it across the box so it looked like a real moving box. We also added “this side up” with a permanent marker to make it look even more authentic. You can write whatever you want on your box. We would encourage you to try to make it personal to the homeowner in your life and his/her situation by possibly writing the new address, the person’s name, a fun drawing… the possibilities are endless!

4. Tie up and deliver

diy_giftcard_holder_moving_box-003 4 copy

Once the box is covered in your personal message, you can tie it up with some string or just tape it shut. Once it’s secure, it’s time to deliver it to the new homeowner and celebrate their big move! Although they probably have a mountain of other moving boxes to tend to, we’re pretty confident that this is one box that the new homeowner will be EXCITED to unpack!

Cheers to celebrating fresh starts…and slaying the unthoughtful gift monster.


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