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Five Tips on Running a Stress-free Moving Business

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By Bev James

Moving to a new home has been named as one of the most stressful things we do in our lifetime. It’s a huge a financial decision made more hectic with the involvement of solicitors, family and a to-do list which can be never-ending.

Bearing this in mind, it’s not uncommon for those in the moving industry to deal with stressed customers on a daily basis – and not necessarily because of your job performance. You are being entrusted with another person’s entire collection of belongings – it’s natural for them to be anxious.

Picture of Items Ready to be Moved

Unfortunately, it’s easy to let this stress be transferred to your staff through frustration or negativity.

However, a bad attitude on your part can look unprofessional and could result in lost business as customers and your best employees start leaving.

Here are five tips for moving companies on how to train your job supervisors and staff to stay calm while dealing with stressful customers.

  1. Do what you can to minimize stressful situations.
    Prepare for your upcoming job the evening before by making sure everything is ready to go the next day. This might mean filling the van with fuel or making sure you have enough emergency boxes on hand for the next day’s clients. Make sure you start the day off prepared.
  2. Help your customers before the day of the job.
    If you give clients checklists and tips, not only are you boosting your business credentials but the customer will also be more likely to be prepared and less stressed by the whole process.  It also increases the chances of reducing any surprises if both you and the customer are organized.
  3. Give the client your full attention.
    Don’t forget the number one rule when it comes to customers – they are always right. If their move isn’t going according to plan, it’s understandable that they may become upset. Take the time to assure them that you are there to help. Stop what you are doing and ask how you can make the situation better. Learning to be calm yourself can have a calming influence on others. This flexibility and understanding will ensure you receive a good review later on.
  4. Take a time out.
    Physical exhaustion can be a huge cause of stress. After a day filled with moves requiring heavy lifting, ensure that you avoid strenuous tasks in the evening. Coming into work refreshed and rested will give you the right mind set to please even the most worried customer. Also, staff trips out can help your employees become closer as a team, resulting in reduced employee conflict and less stress all round.
  5. Be prepared for complaints.
    Make sure that you have a go-to guide for your staff when problems arise. Certain issues are likely to pop up on a regular basis. Make sure you have a procedure in place to deal with those recurring issues. By documenting these, staff will feel less strained on the job due to your guidance, and your customers will be impressed at how quickly your movers are able to fix a problem. Learn to communicate effectively. Train your staff on how they should talk to customers. This doesn’t have to be a rigid script, but sometimes, pre-determined answers and solutions can ensure that problems are dealt with effectively.

Bev James is one of the UKs leading business coaches and business turnaround specialists. She has been Managing Director of The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training school for coaches, since 2008.

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