How to Save Screws and Nails When Moving

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HAH-moving-baggieI’m currently packing up our rental and that means I’m spending lots of time taking everything off of our walls. Even though we’re renters, I went above & beyond to make our home…well, homey! I hung shelves, I hung window treatments, I hung picture ledges,  and it’s safe to say I made lots of holes in our drywall along the way. (Good thing I followed this tutorial to patch those holes up fast!)

Here’s 3 simple steps to save screws and nails as you take down your TV wall mount, floating shelves and custom coat rack.

#1. Grab Some Plastic Sanwich Bags

Picture-LedgesI’m planning to hang many of these shelves & large items in our new home…so as I take everything off the walls I’m bagging up the details.

Yep, all of the small screws and parts are going straight into a ziploc bag.


#2. Sharpie + Washi Tape = Bag Labels

Then I take a sharpie and some washi tape (who knew this tape would come in handy for so many aspects of moving?!) and write down the contents of the baggie.

bags-with-screws-moving#3. Secure the Baggies!

The last step? Either take all of your baggies and put them in a safe spot in a marked moving box. Or tape your bag of items directly to the shelf or window treatment with which it belongs. Pretty easy right?

Instead of throwing away all of the screws, or tossing the nuts & bolts into a moving box, I’m taking 1 extra step to keep everything neat & organized.


This quick tip will make me a heck of a lot happier on “the other side.” When I go to hang up the window treatments, I’ll have the baggie of essentials right there to make hanging it much easier.

So as you’re packing things up, save screws and nails with this QUICK MOVING TIP in mind. Trust me, your future self will thank you.


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