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Moving 101

It’s finally here. After months of researching, writing, designing, and collecting & calculating data, HireAHelper’s Moving 101 resource section is live. There are a ton of moving resources out there already, but Moving 101 is the first of its kind dedicated to DIYers looking to make a hybrid move with a rental truck, moving container, or freight trailer combined with the packing, loading, and/or unloading help from you fine folks. Moving 101 is packed with average pricing and thousands of reviews on all their moving options from PODS® containers to U-haul® rental trucks.


Screenshot Preview of Moving 101

A first-of-its-kind moving resource for a hybrid move

All of the options for the new way to move finally have a home


Moving Containers

You’re no stranger to containers, but many customers are. We have the complete guide on how to use them.


Rental Trucks

Which company is best for a one-way long distance rental? Which has the highest rating? Moving 101 answers.


Company Guides

From U-haul® to U-Pack® to PODS®, Moving 101 has guides on each company’s moving quotes & services.


Freight Trailers

We all know you need twice as many pads to load these. Customers don’t, but now they will.


Moving Tips & Tricks

Tips, tips, & more tips for things like: When should I schedule a container drop off? Is insurance included? What about supplies?


The Hybrid Move

You all are a part of someone’s hybrid move everyday. Now, it finally has an official guide on the web.

Lower Transition

Sooo, What Should I Do With This?

An educated customer is a happy customer. There’s less surprises for them on their moving day and less headaches for you. So pass this along and use it to help answer your customers’ questions before the big day. Plus, when you share relevant information on your websites and social channels, Google sees you as an authority in your industry, and it’ll help grow your presence and ours on the web. Lastly, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on Moving 101. Questions? Comments? Additions? Corrections? Concerns? Just shoot us an email or leave a comment below!



  1. Jim Dickerson

    So how do we or can we use Moving 101 on our website?

  2. Daniel

    Great question Jim! Feel free to copy and paste any of the stats or info you like right from Moving 101 into your website, as long as you give credit somewhere linking back to Moving 101. These are also great stats to share on your social media accounts or as a tag at the end of your emails to customers or potential customers. Something like, “P.S. If you haven’t rented your truck yet, this rental truck guide might help you pick the best company to rent through: http://moving101.hireahelper.com/transportation/moving-truck-rental/

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