Know a New Homeowner? This Is What to Get Them for the Holidays

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Spending the first year in a new home is a special time for new homeowners. Although this year may have been a bit stressful packing, moving, unpacking and getting settled, it’s this first holiday season that will be filled with extra magic and “first-time” memories.

To help keep this time extra special, we have rounded up 12 gift ideas for the new homeowners in our lives. But heck everyone deserves an extra special holiday so these gift ideas, with price points from $8 through $180, are the perfect addition under the tree for just about anyone on your shopping list this year!

1. Amazon Echo


We love the idea of gifting smart technology for any new homeowner and Amazon’s Echo is a generous gift that can make these new homeowners’ everyday lives a little easier! We’re big fans over here at HireAHelper … now if only Alexa would unpack boxes on command….

2. Tivoli Old-school Radio


We can’t resist a classic throwback every now and then, but this old school look actually has Bluetooth technology built-in! This gorgeous, old-school radio is not only a fun way to listen to music, but it doubles as a gorgeous piece of decor.

3. Personalized Stamper


These personalized stamps make our new homeowner wish-list just about every year. It’s an affordable and personal gift that homeowners can use for years and years to come. Plus, gifting this address stamp early in the holiday season will make sending out Christmas Cards a whole lot quicker!

4. Tee-pee From Target


It’s important to make this new home special and memorable for the kiddos, who may be experiencing a stressful time of transition. Target’s popular tee-pee can offer them their own little oasis and one that is saved just for them … NO ADULTS ALLOWED!

5. New Home Coloring Book


Unpacking all those boxes and tackling your new home to-do list can cause some stress, so this little, $8 home-inspired coloring book is the perfect outlet to relieve that stress while getting inspired to start decorating your new place in style.

6. Geometric Vase


We love this $15 geometric vase because new homeowners are bound to receive flowers as they welcome their family and friends over to check out their new place. And it’s perfect for flower duty because it matches with just about any decor or flower collection you can throw at it.

7. “The Magnolia Story”


Based on the feedback we got on the tips for getting Chip & Joanna’s Fixer Upper Style post, it’s pretty clear how much everyone seems to love this charming and talented duo. How could you not, right? The story behind their Magnolia company was recently released and this feel-good read may offer the inspiration needed to inject a little of the Gaines’ style into a new home.

8. Hooks With Character


As new homeowners, you can never have enough hooks. Coats, towels, bags, scarves – hooks help you stay organized and take advantage of valuable vertical space in any home. This hook is not only functional, but it’s pretty darn adorable too! Homeowners know: charm comes in the little things.

9. Personalized Doormat 


New homes are bound to have lots of visitors this holiday season and this adorable doormat will help make the perfect first impression! This site allows you to choose addresses, names or initials to add that perfect personal touch.

10. Personalized Home Portraits


We LOVE the idea of getting a personalized house portrait of the new homeowner’s home, or even a getting one made for their old house to highlight their journey. This special keepsake will capture memories for years and years to come and can be the perfect way to add meaningful art to the new place. How cool is this?

11. Automated Vacuum

vacuumWho has time for vacuuming when they’re busy getting settled into this new home… especially during the holidays? This robot vacuum will take care of the mess so these new homeowners can come home to clean floors every day.

12. Cap Map Art


A new home is a huge reason to celebrate and honestly, who doesn’t need another excuse to try some new beers? This map of caps will give these new homeowners an excuse to try out lots of local brews and hit up lots of new places in their neighborhood while keeping a cap as a souvenir from each adventure.

Regardless of what gifts you decide to buy, we hope these ideas leave you inspired. We also hope this list helps save you time so you can do less shopping and have more time to make memories with these same important people. Happy Shopping!


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