Cat in a Mattress

Let the Cat Out of the Bag… and the Mattress?

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As we’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, summer equals peak season for the self storage industry right along with ours. Workload increases (we hope!), things get hectic – and, because we are human, mistakes are made.

In this month’s main feature we talk about keeping the kids in control and out of our way on move day. The same concept goes for pets, though the practical application is much simpler: lock the dog in the bathroom or in its cage and let the cat be its normal aloof, disinterested self. But cats are so independent it is easy to treat their truancy with equal indifference. Taken to the extreme, we geta situation like Deborah and Loui.

It’s good to keep the pets out of the way on move day. But this is simply too out of the way.

Something to remember when that mattress sounds like it’s meowing.



Photo credit: John Morton


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