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Hey there and happy 2014! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration.  Now that it’s January, get ready to be bombarded with ways to “makeover your life.” It’s only 2 days into 2014 and I’m guessing you’ve already contemplated joining a gym, cutting carbs, or going on a financial diet. But there is something we want you to add to your resolution list, because this goal is attainable.

We want you to GET ORGANIZED!

Let’s start the year off right and purge, baby purge! Get rid of the clutter, clear the closets, and live life more simply and efficiently. It’s time to get rid of the stuff you never use, taking up precious space in your drawers and closets. Especially if you’ll be moving sometime this year, because the less stuff you have, the less to move! But clearing the clutter isn’t just for prospective movers, it is a must for everyone.

So, now where do we start?

Moving 101

Step 1: Identify the problem areas

An organized home makes for an efficient day. (tweet this)

If you’re looking for the strainer in your kitchen you should know exactly which drawer it is in. If not, you’re slowing yourself down. Think of areas in your home that aren’t running smoothly. Can you not find matched socks? Does it take forever to find a new roll of toilet paper? Do you dig through your desk looking for a pen that will work? Take a trip around your house with a pencil and pad of paper and write down which areas are bothersome. We suggest opening up every drawer and every closet to see if it needs rearranging.

Step 2: Make a Game Plan

Now you probably have a big list of areas in your home that need your attention. That’s okay… don’t get overwhelmed. Organization isn’t going to happen overnight. It happens one closet at a time, one room at a time.  You need to take baby steps. Take your master list and break it down a bit. Instead of promising to organize the entire kitchen tomorrow, vow to organize 2 drawers in the kitchen. Once you’ve broken it down, look at your schedule and pencil out each of the problem areas into a block of time each day.

Step 3: Get the goods

When you start purging, you’re going to need a place for all of the stuff that you’re giving away. We suggest building some PVC shelving, and then picking up some trash bags, boxes, and labels. If you don’t have a designated “giveaway pile” that stuff may start to creep back into your home.  Be sure you have some empty boxes on hand that you can fill with all of your giveaway items, and extra garbage bags for anything that is heading to the trash.

Once you tackle these 3 steps, it’s time to start purging! Next Thursday we will be doing just that. Come back for specific tips and tricks so you can begin to clear the clutter. Let’s get organized!


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