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There is a lot of costs to take into consideration when it comes to moving: the truck, the movers, additional insurance, the moving supplies, plus so much more.  And then there always seems to be those extra costs that come up as well.
Now, the costs are going to be different depending on the type of move. You are going to spend a lot more if you are relocating to a different state versus moving locally. Each person should put together their own budget to match their needs.

A move is considered local if it is within 100 miles and staying in the same state. With local movers, you are billed on an hourly rate usually. There is a couple different ways to set up your move:

  • Hire a full service company to do the entire move from the loading to the driving to the unloading.
  • You can rent your own truck and then hire local movers to load and unload it for you.
  • Hire a packing service or choose to pack it yourself.

The price will fluctuate depending on how much work you are planning to do on your own compared to how much work you want the movers to do.

Additional Costs:

  • Piano- Most movers have additional fees for moving pianos.
  • Tipping- This is not something that is expected but definitely welcomed. Tips are usually based on job performance.
  • Insurance
  • Packing and Unpacking Service
  • Stairs and how far your truck is parked from the residency- Since you are billed on an hourly rate, these are things that will add to the amount of time the move will take. It is going to take longer to unload into a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator than it will to unload into a ground floor apartment.

So just prepare a budget that meets the needs for your move and then from there, you will be able to start planning the cost of your move.


  1. Jim Johnson

    These local movers costs really make a lot of sense. I never really thought of all the many ways that you can have movers help you. From people just helping you packing the items to a full on scale packing, loading, driving and unloading move. You can really get everything from little help to practically you do nothing help.

  2. chase

    keep in mind that if you are hiring helpers through a temporary servcie such as “Labor Ready” for example 1 helper will cost you an additional $136.51 for the first 4 hours and each addtional hour $21.64 – Though you are paying this cost to the Temp service the biggest thing to keep in mind is the person – your helper is only recieving minimum wage for his work. ie: for the first four hours you will pay Labor Ready the $136.51 the worker will only get $27.63 for those same 4 hours after taxes. Hence he may not be that motivated considering the tamporary serivice is taking more a hefty chunck of his or hers salary. Leaving them barely enough to eat on. So you might want to add in an additonal tip to make it worth the helpers while to do the work.

    Or just hire them out right and pay them a fair wage for a fair days work.

    I speak of this first hand – as both the helper and later a business owner that hired the helper.

    The temporary services used to be good for workers and those needing jobs – taking only a minor amount of their money – and there was a law preventing temporary services or services of this type from taking more than a certain fair amount.

    However now adays most services take more than half the workers pay – keeping them poor and in a cycle of having to return to that service and more than likely ending up homeless in the end due to the rising cost of living. Thought the temp services charge us more – the don’t pay the worker more. Let alone a fair wage for their work.

    I don’t know how or when the fair trade practices or labor laws changed to allow people to be taken advantage of so badly again but it has and has become a serious cost to both comunity – those using the service and especially the worker themselves.

    So add in the cost of doing buisiness with these type services – it is high as an employer you should tip them the balance of the wages they are not getting. Esetually doubling the cost of doing business with a temporary serviec as it stands.

  3. chase

    Correction in the above: I stated that the cost for 4 hrs to Labor Ready would be $136.51 as quoated on HireaHelper site and that the “helper” or employee would recieve only $27.63 for those 4 hrs. I stand corrected:

    Labor Ready would get $136.51 for 4hrs and the worker only gets $23.13 for those same 4 hrs.

    Labor Ready would get $158.15 for 5 hrs and then the worker would get the whapping $27.63 for those 5 hrs of work.

    Hire a Helpers standard is an exceptable 10-15% on top or of the total paid a “helper” worker.

    That is the way it used to be when an individual went for temporary work through services like Labor Ready or Manpower or many other temporary services.

    And depending on the work – the pay scale was adjusted accordingly and fairly.

    At the time of this writting – those days are long gone and the temp serves pray on individuals in need of work.

    As stated this comes at a very high cost to the consumer or person using the services to find a laboror. And to the community in which they do business. But most of all the cost is to the temporary laboror as he is taken advantage of so grossly and forced into a worse situation thatn they all ready are.

    To bring them up to pay scale of say $10 an hour for simple work or better still $12 an hour. Businesses like Labor Ready charge an arm and a leg. and may still only pay the laboror a 50 cent raise. Dispite what they are claiming they are paying to you that hired them.

    So to bring up the employee to a fair $10 an hour for 4 hours you are looking at a cost of $136.51 plus a tip of at least $20-$30 per 4 hour session. Making your grand total of $353.02 to $373.02 per 8 hour day for one worker.

    Atrocious – I know! And again state this comes from first hand experience on both sides of the fence in dealing with temporary services like Labor Ready.

    You are better suited in many cases to 1099 a couple laborors and pay them cash $15 an hour and let them take care of their own taxes. Provided you have insurance to cover them in case they are hurt on the job. or if you own a business – hire them as temporary employees and pay them a fair wage.

    If you can find a place like Hire a Helper that only takes about 10 to 15% from the individual doing the work – like it used to be then that is a service you’d want to go with more so than the service that rapes both the customer needing the worker and the worker them selves with little regard to the effect on the community and the individuals involved.

    Best of luck in your move.

  4. Austin Movers

    Hi Nicole
    You are saying There is a couple different ways to set up your move and one of them is “You can rent your own truck and then hire local movers to load and unload it for you.” is is really helpful. Many companies provides low Moving rates per hour then someone should try them and can save money.

  5. Violet19

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