Lost & Found – The Case of the Packed Cat

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Cat Survives in a Moving Box 36 Days

You may have heard the story that’s been going around: A cat gets packed in a box and, after 36 days, arrives in its new home to the delight – and horror – of its owners.

That’s right. A cat packed away by movers in Suffolk, Virginia survives more than a month without food or water – in a cardboard box on a truck, in a container on a ship, and then on another truck, across the country and the ocean all the way to Hawaii.

How many of its 9 Lives did that cat just burn??

A few questions (besides how that cat is still alive): How did the cat get packed away in the first place? How did the movers not notice there was something alive in there? What else was in the box? Though superficially facetious, this last question may be the most important as far as understanding how this could have happened.

If the box was otherwise empty, then someone with a roll of tape was not feeling too nice that day.

Maybe Kitty was a bit delusional that day, thought she saw a mouse scamper into that box, jumped in after it and got a pile of jeans and heavy sweaters dumped on top of her.

Or maybe the box was filled with towels and Fluffy thought that it had found a good place to hide until all those strange people in the house finally left. Then, after being taped and trapped, maybe she decided to stay hidden – so well in fact that no one would notice.

Or maybe that cat was just really, really comfortable.

We could speculate on the matter till next Christmas. We hope some answers will eventually come out though we aren’t holding our collective breath. In the meantime, we can get our fill of theory and opinion from the wide, colorful variety of comments at the end of the article. (Interestingly, nobody raises the question of how the cat managed not to suffocate.)

More than ponder this particular feline’s misfortune, we can make a mental note to ask our customers if they have any pets running around – and then work with them to keep tabs on Tabby the Cat throughout our part of the move.


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