Making a Bad Move Public: Radio Show Host Tells (Most of) His Story

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On the Internet, horror stories about movers are as easy to come by as pop-up ads about….I don’t know, I never look at them before x-ing them out.

These stories we see usually come about because someone had a bad experience, or is in the middle of a bad experience, and decided to contact the local news to get some coverage and maybe some payback. The newsperson will investigate and, as often as not, get that naughty moving company to make things right.

Last week we came across something a little different. It was a story about a bad move, but in this case, the angry customer was the newsperson himself – Rob Carson, host of Carson in the Morning on KCMO Talk Radio out of Kansas City.

In that talk radio kind of way, Mr. Carson explains his move and all the things that went wrong. He vents about the 60 cents per pound coverage, gets all pissed about his workbench, says he wants to hold this company and these movers accountable for their misdeeds. He even invites listeners to offer advice on his station’s facebook page.

But then he does something interesting.

He refuses to say who these movers were.

A noble decision, perhaps, but would he not increase his chances of getting some sort of compensation if he called these guys out by name?

Listen to the podcast for yourself – his horror story starts at the 25:30 mark and goes for about eight minutes. And if you have any suggestions go ahead and give him a shout.

If you help him get his workbench back maybe he’ll call you out by name. In a good way, of course.


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