Meet the Guy Who Wrote the Book on Moving: The Long Haul

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After years in the moving business, you’d probably have enough stories to write an entire book. Maybe you could write an entire series of books. Maybe you’ve got so many stories you wouldn’t even know where to start.

Then again, maybe you and I would have given up if we had fallen through an attic on our first days as a mover.

Cue college dropout Finn Murphy. Despite this (and many more) stories, he managed to hang in there and learn the ropes of the moving business, from carrying stuff to packing a trailer to driving a big rig down a narrow tree-lined street.

As he tells the story, ten years he worked as a mover and hauler until, exasperated with the way the industry worked–or, more precisely, the way it didn’t–he walked away. Finn was off the road for 20 years, first running his own business importing Irish linens then taking over a customer’s business on Nantucket where he would live and even serve as mayor at one point.

But there’s no telling where life’s road will take you, and eventually, Finn Murphy’s road led him to Colorado and back into the trucking business. After a few years he began writing down and recording his thoughts, his insights and, of course, his many crazy experiences. And now he’s put them all in one place: a 226-page memoir called The Long Haul.

In his book, Finn covers the spectrum of life in the moving business, from the everyday stuff to the personal nightmares to the future of the industry. He talks about the cowboy culture that permeates the trucking industry. He details his experiences with some of his worst customers. And he relates the feeling of being behind the wheel, roaring down the Interstate or rumbling down 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

Murphy’s book is getting plenty of great reviews. But don’t let that stop you from keeping track of your own stories from the road.

Come to think about it, this HireAHelper community of ours probably could put out an entire series of books! Who’s in?

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