Roomie LOVE: 8 Roommate Tips to be the Best Roomie Ever

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Roommate Tips

Public Service Announcement: Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and we do NOT want you to forget to show your roomie some extra love.

‘Tis the season for chocolate hearts and XL teddy bears, but we’re not necessarily talking about that kind of l-o-v-e for your roomie. Whether your roommate is your spouse, your significant other, a friend, an acquaintance or even some random connection from Craigslist, Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to show him or her that you really do appreciate the companionship. Here are 8 things you can do this week (or ANY time this year!) to show your fav roomie a little extra LOVE… without being creepy.

1. Do an extra chore:

Roommate Tips #1Stepping up and taking over some of your roomie’s chore list is a great way to show your roomie how much you care. Who wouldn’t love to have a pass on this month’s “clean the bathroom” duty because their roommate unexpectedly handled it?! #BEST #ROOMIE #EVER

2. Make dinner:Roommate Tips #2

… AND do the dishes! Spending time together is a great way to bond with your roomie and planning a night to stay in, eat dinner together and enjoy a movie marathon may be just what the doctor ordered! Making dinner and doing the dishes will leave your roomie feeling like she won the roommate lottery!!

3. Pay their share of a bill:

Roommate Tips #3

Do you still have your 2015 bonus lying around? Maybe paying your roomie’s share of the cable bill or covering the groceries this month could be a great way to spend that extra cash. This covered expense is a realistic (and very generous!) way to show your lucky roomie some serious love!

4. Let them know they’re an all-star roomie

Roommate Tips #4This doesn’t have to be a formal state of the roommate address but casually telling your roommate how much you appreciate them and enjoy living with them may go further than you think! We often take the important people in our lives for granted, and taking a moment to remind your roomie how much you care and appreciate them is always a good idea.

5. Get lost

Roommate Tips #5

Maybe your roomie wants to host a date night in or invite his friends over for a little party; this is your chance to give him plenty of space to finally have the place to himself. Let him know that you want to hand over the place so he can enjoy it all to himself.

6. Fancy up the placeRoommate Tips #6

Why not go out and splurge on a few items to breathe new life into your space? New pillows, a new throw blanket, maybe some amazing new candles — put these items in the common areas of your place together to refresh the space. Your roomie is bound to love the new look and appreciate the extra TLC you are showing the space.

7. Bake a sweet treat Roommate Tips #7

You know what they say, “the best way to one’s heart is through the stomach.” Who doesn’t love an unexpected, homemade treat? This small gesture will not only make your place smell amazing, but it is a great way to show your roomie some love without investing a ton of time or money.

8. Give an unexpected gift Roommate Tips #8

Did you notice that your roomie is almost out of her favorite shampoo? Is his favorite BBQ sauce running on empty? Noticing that something is running low and replacing it for your roomie is a great way to give them a little gift you know they will USE and appreciate. Plus, taking notice of what he or she likes and making sure there is plenty of this item in-stock is a great way to show that roomie you really DO care and are paying attention to what makes him or her happy.

We hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day & show the people you love just how much you care!


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