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Mother’s Day Moving Advice From The Experts: Moms!

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Everyone knows “the call”. You know, that one you make when there is a crisis and there’s only one person who seems to have the magical power to simultaneously calm you down while averting the issue.

When you get off of the phone you immediately realize that you were overreacting and that everything is going to be all right…thanks to this much needed pep talk from your biggest cheerleader.

So who are these special people that have secret powers to make everything better with one simple phone call?


Yes, those everyday superheroes who swoop in with a split second notice and make everything better again. How do they do it?! We may never know their secrets, but we do know that these amazing women around the WORLD seem to have the answer for everything.So we figured in honor of Mother’s Day, we would rally up a group of amazing moms and pick their brains on their best advice for MOVING. Because let’s remember, if anyone knows the ins & outs of making this potentially stressful day one that is instead efficient, exciting and just plain AWESOME… it’s a mom.

In true “mom” fashion, these women did NOT disappoint. Here’s the invaluable Mother’s Day moving advice they came up with:

“Get rid of TONS of stuff……if you haven’t used it (or worn it) for over a year and it is not a family keepsake….donate it or toss it!” (Here are some good tips on how to get rid of stuff before the big move!)

“Recruit loved ones to help by babysitting babies, toddlers or small children off site. This will help eliminate lots of stress and will help parents focus on the move”

Stacked Moving Boxes“Use good materials — Spend some money on boxes, tissue paper, and tape. Don’t use old second hand boxes, unless they are particularly strong and durable.”

“Make a priority to set-up beds first (bed frames, sheets, pillows… the whole package). This will ensure that when you eventually run out of gas for the day, beds are ready for a good night’s sleep and will avoid any crankiness tomorrow. Plus if beds are set up, kids will be more likely to get their naps in and stay on their sleep routines. If you’re a mom… you know how important this ingredient is for a stress-free day today and tomorrow!”

washi tape“Label the outside of the box with the name of the room you want it to go to in your new place. That way, anyone can grab a box, read the room and put it in the correct spot.” (Check out this awesome way to label with washi tape!)

“Save newspaper for several weeks before the move. This is a great packing tool that you don’t have to pay extra for!”

“Play Music! Who says you can’t move-it while you move-in?”

Parents-Kids-Moving“Get the kids involved! If you have tweens or teens, allow them to have ownership in some decisions as you unpack. This will help them feel important and a part of the process.” (Read this for even more tips on how to prepare your kids for a move)

“Purge, purge, purge BEFORE you pack. You don’t want to be getting rid of things on the other end. Give away anything that you don’t think you will need in the new place and then start the packing process.” (Wow, purging is a common theme with all of those mommas! Check out this post if you need some help getting started.)

“Take people up on their offers to help! If they offer to help, let them help.” (If you have no takers, it’s easy to find move help using HireAHelper!)

Any moms tuning in? Did we miss any key Mother’s Day moving advice? Let us know in the comments below! We all know “Mom Knows Best!”



  1. Drew

    Moving day is stressful enough before adding kids into the mix so moms should take all of the advice they can get. Good idea to make packing fun with music. That would make it much easier to get done. Thanks so much for the tips!

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