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Move For Hunger: Reaching New Milestones

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Our favorite charitable organization hits the road!

Adam Lowy (right), exec director of ‘Move for Hunger’, and Jason Taetsch, PR director, load food that his group collected for the Monmouth-Ocean Food Bank….Bob Bielk/Asbury Park Press-7/25/11-Neptune

In the course of packing up and moving out of their homes people generally have three major questions: (1) When did I accumulate all this crap? (2) Which box is the remote control in? and (3) What am I supposed to do with all this leftover food?

We prefer to remain silent on #1, if we did your packing we can help with #2, and we are only too happy to give you a hand with #3. And by this we don’t mean we’ll eat your leftover food. Instead, we’d love to introduce you to Move For Hunger, the non-profit organization we’ve been proud to share an industry with for the past several years.

The Mission

As this article in the Asbury Park (NJ) Press explains, last year alone Move for Hunger “helped deliver 65,000 pounds of donations to food banks in Monmouth and Ocean counties, enough to provide 54,000 meals.” Adam Lowy, the organization’s founder and executive director, adds that nationwide they were able to keep well over one million pounds of food from being thrown out, redirecting it instead to food banks and other resources aimed at helping those in need.

Now Mr. Lowy is hitting the road, to bring more movers all across the country on board.

Move For Hunger already operates through an extensive network connecting all 48 contiguous States and Canada. We here at HireAHelper are proud of their gracious and growing reach, and we’ll be encouraging all our listed movers to be active participants in Mr. Lowy’s remarkable endeavors.

The Mojo

So when your big day comes and you find yourself asking those three magical questions, remember that at least you’ve got an answer for #3. If you are moving with the help of HireAHelper, please ask your movers about Move For Hunger. If you are going the strict DIY route, look for an organization in your area that will accept the pasta, the canned vegetables, the frozen dinners you’d rather not see go to waste.

By doing so you’ll not only lighten your own load, your last day in town will be marked by a great humanitarian gesture.

And don’t worry – you’ll find the remote eventually.


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