Mover Gets Hired on the Spot, Gets Right to Work as a Thief

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Gail Valente didn’t know she was sending a convicted felon out on a job. But when two of her movers failed to show up for work, the owner of Rex Moving in St. Petersburg, Florida was in a tight spot.

“I can do that,” said Charles Worden, who was doing construction work on her house at the time. “I’ve done it many times.”

Gail agreed and Charles got right to work, pilfering Beth Benson and, it seems, several other Rex Moving customers.

The interesting thing is that Ms. Valente apparently found out about the thefts before her customers knew what was going on. Her first move? Alerting the authorities. Her next move? Calling her customers to let them know they’d been robbed. That’s both a bold and humbling thing to have to do.

Luckily, the items were recovered.

Ms. Valente tells WFTS in Tampa Bay that she runs background checks on all her employees. That may be true. But in a pinch, she made the decision to send someone into a customer’s home without knowing much about him. Maybe this was the first time she ever had. It will likely be her last. 

Something to keep in mind when you are vetting a crew that you hope garners you sterling reviews.

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