Moving 101 is a Finalist in the 2015 Contently Content Marketing Awards

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Contently Content Marketing Awards Finalist - HireAHelper

What’s the biggest project you’ve ever worked on? How long did it take? How many people were involved? For the HireAHelper marketing team, ours was Moving 101.

Now, imagine getting one of the highest of fives for that project from someone who knows even more than you do about the medium you’re working in.

Barney Stinson Highest of Fives

That’s the excited frenzy we’ve worked ourselves into over here at the HireAHelper office – we just found out our content baby, Moving 101, is a top 3 finalist in the startup category of the first annual Contently Content Marketing Awards.

We’re incredibly excited and honored to be recognized by them. Moving 101 is a guide to help people everywhere who are moving pick the best moving options. It was written to answer questions like, “Am I paying too much for my moving truck?” or “What’s the best moving container: PODS vs. 1800Packrat vs. Relocubes?

What are the Contently Awards?

Contently is a leading content marketing platform (recently taking home the 2015 Digiday Signal Award for best content marketing platform). Contently is the authority on content marketing, and as such started an awards program of their own to recognize the leaders producing the most helpful, engaging content on the web.

These are the first ever Contently Awards featuring three tiers of competition: Startup, Mid-Market and Enterprise. HireAHelper is honored to be competing in a category with some incredibly worthy competitors – big shout-out to Asana and South African Tourism (U.S. Office).

What is Moving 101?

Compare Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time over the last year, you’ve heard us talk about Moving 101. We Tweet about it, guest post about it, and even bring it up at dinner parties (might be why we’ve been invited to less and less dinner parties…).

Moving 101 is the comparison tool we always wish we had when customers would ask us which truck rental company was best, how much the average PODS containers cost to rent or why hybrid moving is the end-all, be-all best moving option in all the universe (you think we’re joking… but we’re not).

Moving 101: A Lesson In Hybrid Moving

Compare Moving Options Side-by-Side

Hybrid moving is actually why we built Moving 101. More and more consumers are “moving themselves with help” which doesn’t really fall into the two recognized industry ways to move: moving themselves (DIY) or hiring a full service moving company or vanline (full service moving). This style of move is more of a… hybrid. 

Because nobody’s officially recognized this massive market segment yet, we had an uphill battle educating consumers about the litany of options they had in building their own custom move:

  • different rental truck companies (yep, there’s more than just the commonly known, aging fleet of industry standard rental trucks out there),
  • shipping containers are all the rage right now because of their ease of use (no driving required of the consumer) and ease of loading and unloading (dropped off in your driveway to load at your “leisure”),
  • moving labor – yes it’s possible and even quite common to hire movers without a truck, and it’s cheaper by several hundred dollars (sometimes thousands) because there’s no giant truck cost (gas, insurance, licensing, etc.)

To battle that uphill educational battle of teaching consumers they had a 3rd moving option, we published our content behemoth: Moving 101. We spent months and months, involving almost every team at HireAHelper, to aggregate and process reviews, pricing and insider experiences using all the major moving industry options.

It was exciting enough to see the positive response from consumers as they made informed decisions about which truck to rent or shipping container to reserve. This nomination and spot as a finalist in the Contently Awards is icing on the cake. We’re honored and glad creating the content was worth it!


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