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Ask Dad, He Knows: Moving Advice From Dads

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Moving Advice from Dads

Dads always seem to have the magic touch to solve any problem.

My toilet is leaking… I’ll take care of it.

My printer is jammed… got it.

There’s a weird light on my dashboard that looks like this –> (!). … Oh, no problem.

If his tool box can’t fix it, then his unmatched problem solving skills are bound to do the trick. And moving advice is no different for these Mr. Fix-its. In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we would take this opportunity to pick the brains of DADs and see if they could provide us with some of their go-to moving tricks and tips to help make your next move a successful one. In typical Dad style, these gentlemen delivered and even managed to make moving advice entertaining. #OhDad

With no further ado, here are the words of wisdom from these admirable men… real moving advice from dads!


“Use bags to move your clothes. Hangers are a mess and create too much space. The garbage bags (new ones, not used) keep the clothes clean and make for easy transport” -Paul

blue-paint-can“Try and do as much of the construction or DIY projects before moving in. Having an open floor plan will help you get a lot more done and you won’t get your stuff dirty” -Tim

“Throw away as much of your unnecessary stuff BEFORE you move. Better yet, donate it!” -Julian

“Be very agreeable during the moving process. Moving can be stressful, and staying calm and cool can go a long way to a smooth move. Things can always be rearranged later on, so set the mood and go with the flow” -Joe

“Hire movers for the heavy furniture, mine worked like a pit crew to maneuver the furniture through tight spaces and awkward corners.” -Nick

“Have plenty of food & drinks for your friends donating their time and muscle to you! This will show how much you truly appreciate their handwork.” -Brendan (aka DIY moving)

Overhead-Shot-KoozieYou can’t go wrong if you have a selection of your helpers’ favorite beer on hand… just make sure you save the celebratory drinks until after all of the valuables have been moved in. No drinking on the job!” -Ben

“Be smart when packing boxes. Pack things tightly and put a pillow or blanket on the top to keep everything cushioned and safe.” – Michael

“Get the new place a week early and go back and forth in your car with all of the little things over the course of the week. Then hire movers (or HireAHelper!) for the big things” -Harry

“Shop around if you’re renting a truck. There are lots of companies renting moving trucks now. We rented a big truck and a car trailer from Budget on our last interstate move and saved money vs. the other guys.” -Daniel 

Fathers Day

Next time you’re planning a big move make sure you “Ask Dad, He Knows”. And in the meantime, Happy Father’s Day from the Team at HireAHelper!

*For more valuable moving advice, check out this moving advice from the everyday superheroes we call Mom.


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