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Moving Day: 7 Items you Need for the Big Day

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Your big moving day is right around the corner, and you’re pretty proud because you’ve got this thing in the bag. Your stuff is boxed up, your moving truck is reserved, and you cannot wait to get into your new place. But hold the phone… are you really ready for moving day? Be sure you’ve got the following all on-hand and ready to go before those movers walk in the door…


1. Cash: Tipping is a personal preference, but if you’re going to tip your movers then you need to have cash on hand. Keep an envelope of money out so you’re not digging through your pockets at the end of a long day. You can read more about how much to tip right here.

2. Water Bottles: Okay, so maybe you’re not tipping your movers…but you should at least keep them hydrated! Keep energy levels up and keep everyone on your moving team happy with some beverages. A case of cold water in your fridge is a must for moving day. Show your movers where they can get the goods the moment they arrive, then they can just help themselves throughout the day.

3. Trash Bags: If you’re like most people, then I’m guessing you may find random junk hiding underneath your furniture. When you move out the big items, you’ll need to get rid of the garbage on the floor. Keep some trash bags handy so you can do a last minute sweep of your home before leaving.

4. Keys: You’ll need to have both the keys to your old home and the keys to your new home nearby on moving day. Be sure to finalize arrangements for leaving your old keys behind with the new owners or the landlord. It’s also a good idea to collect any spare keys from neighbors or relatives prior to your moving date. Then you can just leave everything behind for the new owners. Also, be sure to have the keys to your new home all ready to go!

5. Directions to your new home: Be sure to print out multiple copies of directions from your old home to your new address. You can distribute these to the moving team and any friends or family who might be helping on the big day. Just because you know where you’re going, doesn’t mean they do! You can get everyone there in a timely manner if you plan ahead. For extra credit, tell the drivers where they should park so there isn’t any confusion when you arrive.

6. Rent Moving Items: If you’re doing the heavy lifting yourself, then you may want to think about renting some moving supplies. A dolly or cart will definitely speed things along, and furniture pads will ensure you don’t scratch up your nice furniture. If you don’t want to spend the cash on moving pads, large blankets, comforters, and towels can come in handy. Keep a large pile of these items out and on-hand so you can load that truck up with ease.

7. Extra Supplies: Tape, a marker, and boxes…keep a few extra of these on-hand just in case. Because that box that you thought couldn’t possibly be too heavy…well it just might be. An extra box or more tape just might be lifesavers come moving day.

If you’ve got these 7 items all prepped and ready to go, then congratulations you’re ready for your big move! Bring on that truck!




  1. Jimmy Basquez

    Always always get a mover. Saves time and energy. Put 25.00 a way each month into your moving fund.

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