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DIY Corner: Moving Day Survival Guide – What Should I Keep With Me?

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Moving day is insanely chaotic (to say the least!). As far as we are concerned, you can never be too prepared for the “BIG DAY”. In order to help you moving overachievers, we’ve come up with a list of items that we feel are an absolute necessity to help you survive moving day with a smile.  We like to call this check list your official MOVING DAY SURVIVAL GUIDE!

Moving Day Survival Guide

Hopefully this list of items will motivate you to set aside the bare necessities so you can enjoy the first 24 hours in your new pad. And when we say enjoy, we mean no desperately digging through 55 boxes in hopeless pursuit of that one thing you need right NOW!   All you have to do is print out our checklist and make sure you have all of these very important items with you in one set spot. We think this will definitely help you avoid emergencies, minimize stress levels, and keep you and your moving team happy along the way.

  1. Cash
  2. Wallet/ID
  3. Important paperwork & Valuables
  4. Phone Charger
  5. Pen and Paper
  6. Zip lock bags (to keep those little pieces together)
  7. A few Snacks (keeping that moving team well fed is a must)
  8. Paper Plates, Napkins, and a few utensils (for that carry-out you’ll be ordering)
  9. Trash bags
  10. Extra Light bulbs
  11. Essential medications
  12. A set of Pajamas
  13. Blankets (sheets if you’re really organized)
  14. Flashlight
  15. Necessary tools
  16. Tape
  17. Razor blade/Scissors/Knife to open boxes
  18. Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap
  19. Towels (for bathing & cleaning)
  20. Cleaning Supplies
  21. Mover Information/Receipts
  22. Drop cloth (you never know what you may have to build, putting a drop cloth down will protect the floors from scratches or help eliminate a mess!)

Beyond this list, think about which items are unique to your 24 hour MOVING DAY SURVIVAL GUIDE. Ask yourself these questions, in advance, and you’ll be just a little more prepared for the big move:

  • What will you need on hand to get through that first day without having to dig through boxes to find it?
  • What should be accessible during those 24 hours to make your life just a little less stressful?

To get started on your Moving Day Survival Guide, print out your very own guide HERE!



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