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The SIRVA Logo

SIRVA Worldwide Inc. performs close to a quarter million relocations in 170 countries each year. Their global empire includes the van lines Allied, Allied International, Allied Pickfords, northAmerican and northAmerican International as well as a whole host of relocation and logistics companies that begin with the word SIRVA. So why would they be interested in a portable self-storage company based in Richmond, Virginia?

Three reasons.

  1. Their anagram is entirely compatible with the slick marketing slogan “SIRVA is Storage In Richmond, VA.” (Ha! Ha… Okay we made that up.)
  2. The portable self-storage company in question is SMARTBOX, whose 19 franchises are positioned to serve close to 100 million people. So what if their current annual revenues are in the paltry single-digit millions? Businesses (unlike baseball players) are valued according to potential not last year’s performance. Which brings us to…
  3. SIRVA, like most major players in the storage and moving game, see and understand the forecasted growth of the DIY sector of the storage and moving industry. And, as evidenced by this article, they are elbowing their way in.

Can you guess the name of another major player in the DIY storage and moving market?

We’ll give you a hint: “HAH! HAH!”


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