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Real People: Moving Using A Penske Rental Truck and Moving Labor

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This post is part of our Real People series from Catherine H., who recently used a Penske rental truck to move with her husband from New York to Kansas.

Penske Moving Truck

Moving from New York to Kansas was a tough decision to make

I was apprehensive about moving from a highly populated area with plenty of entertainment and activities to a place that seemed to have more cows than people. Nevertheless, the company my husband works for decided to open new headquarters in the Midwest. Finding a house was simple. Packing our things from the house we were already in and moving it? Not so simple.

From Overwhelmed to Confident with a Plan

I was exhausted. I felt like I had packed up the belongings of a small country rather than a small house. I looked around me and realized that I still had more than three-fourths of the house to pack and not enough boxes. Not to mention that our enormous overstuffed sofa, my husband’s gas grill fit for a wealthy chef, and my son’s go-kart would not fit inside our Dodge Durango. That’s when it hit me. Rent a moving truck!

I had seen the big yellow Penske rental truck driving through the neighborhood just a couple of weeks before delivering a new family to their home down the block. After I located the phone number in the phonebook, I called and was immediately greeted by the friendly voice of a woman. A voice! This was not some automated system, but an actual voice! That was when I breathed my first sigh of relief.

I took a deep breath and immediately started pouring out the stress of the move to the poor woman on the other end of the line who was kind enough to listen. When I finally finished, she assured me that many people experience the same emotions and stresses when it comes to moving. She then began explaining the truck rental process to me. She laid out all the prices for me, which was great because my husband and I absolutely hate nasty surprises. With Penske, everything was up front and honest.

Once I realized we had the room for all of our belongings, I was able to begin breathing a sigh of relief, but I still had so much packing to do. The lady proved herself to be a genuine hero. She told me that the company works closely with partner companies. She listed prices for boxes and even moving labor. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Eventually, I, with the help of this wonderful woman, had mapped out a plan. Boxes would arrive, allowing me to sufficiently pack all of our belongings. The movers would come, help load up the truck and my husband and I would drive that big yellow beauty all the way to Kansas. Movers would then come and help my husband and I unload the truck. It seemed like a miraculous end to one of the most stressful situations I had ever been in.

Rental Truck Roadside Assistance

We were about midway between New York and Kansas when the unthinkable happened. The back passenger’s side tire went completely flat, and just when I was ready to breathe a sigh of relief. I called Penske truck rental to inform them of the situation and another friendly voice answered, this time belonging to a man. He informed me that they had services to take care of such issues. They had repairmen out there fixing the tire and putting us back on the road in no time.

Unload and Unwind

Just as promised, the movers helped us unload our belongings once we were in Kansas. We were able to drop the truck off at a nearby location rather than having to drive it all the way back to New York. We were finally able to sit back, relax and enjoy our new home. All that was left was the unpacking. Thanks to moving trucks and friendly service from Penske, my husband still has no idea how close he came to moving to Kansas without me in tow.


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