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LowesMove12-001If you’re shopping in August, you are bound to come across a back-to-school section in almost any big box store. We all have come to expect aisles and aisles of colorful notebooks, lunch boxes sporting the latest tween superstars and Disney characters, and bins upon bins of disheveled school supplies. I think it’s even safe to say that once we see these advertisements in our Sunday paper, we all know that summer is quickly being replaced with new schedules, reinstated bed times, and piles of dreaded homework.

Well similar to that “one stop shopping” school supply section, I was shocked when I walked into Lowe’s recently and noticed they were using this same concept but replacing those back-to-school supplies with moving supplies.
LowesMove3-001Instead of Crayola markers, scotch tape, and plastic folders, Lowe’s was selling Sharpie Markers, Heavy Duty Moving Tape, and Plastic wrap. This large hardware retailer is now home to a entire section of Moving Supplies… literally one stop shopping! LowesMove6-001The section was home to boxes, tupperware bins, moving dollies, bubble wrap, scissors, markers, cleaning supplies, paper products and even a free list to help guide you in how much product you will need for your unique move. This surprise section is located at the very front of the store and was “boxed in” to create an isolated department from the rest of their merchandise. <– genius!! LowesMove4-001We hope this is the wave of the future for all hardware stores and one that stays up all year round. We’ll keep our eyes peeled. LowesMove7-001LowesMove11-001LowesMove13-001LowesMove14-001LowesMove8-001LowesMove17-001

We especially loved that this section offered a FREE supply guide in the section for customers to take and write on based on their own moving needs. (We are to-do list LOVERS, as evidence by our Moving Timeline To Do List, so we were extra excited about more lists!) LowesMove2-001We love that hardware stores are now working hard to help make moves easier for everyday people, because that’s what HireAHelper is all about. With the right supplies and the chance to HireAHelper, you’ll be able to spend your time on what really matters… heading toward your new home without the stress!

Do you want to check if you’re getting the best prices at Lowe’s one stop shopping Moving Department? Here’s a cost comparison chart of moving boxes.



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