Professional Wrestler: I Moved and Broke Alicia Keys’ Piano

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Can you imagine a pro wrestler moving a piano?

Well come on, if we can do it, those beefed-up maniacs should be able to do it too.

All right, let’s rephrase the question…can you imagine a pro wrestler moving a piano without pile driving it into the stairs, or body slamming it right through the wall?

Fair enough. But hey, pro wrestlers have to eat just like the rest of us (all right, more than the rest of us). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that at least one of them worked as a piano mover before he hit the big time.

On a recent ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin podcast, Enzo Amore talks about the time he was on a crew tasked with moving a glass piano for Alicia Keys. Yes, a glass piano. Up seventy steps. That’s how Enzo describes it anyway.

The story starts at about the 15:49 mark.

“We had 8 guys on a piano, it was made of glass…They were going up 70 steps, right?…I got my hands on the side, I see my homies knees start wobbling out on him, I got out of dodge. This thing went down like 70 steps, ended up crooked at the bottom…I just went outside and had a cigarette.”

Now ask yourself: What would you have done in that situation?


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