Resolutions for Your Home, Not Just Your Body. Here Are Some Great Ones

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Happy New Year! We know it’s only January 6th, but unfortunately, time moves pretty quickly. So we’re dropping in to give you something pretty important to add to your to-do list.

Warning: No judgment zonefood_prep

Okay, firstly, this is a no judgment zone.

As we all know, the start of the new year usually comes with some personal goals. From weight loss, to healthier eating, to less time at work late … we’re all familiar (sometimes a bit too familiar) with those lapsed New Year’s resolutions. But whether you stay committed to these goals or not, no judgment. Just sticking with it for a few days/weeks/months is better than not trying at all. However, instead of only focusing on your personal goals this month, we’re here to remind you that it’s important to make time to focus on – drum roll please – your HOME GOALS too!

Home goals?Document Storage

How do home goals work, exactly? Great question. They’re similar to personal goals, in that they make you feel better about yourself, enhance your mental health, your personal values, and they usually take planning and a commitment to see any true results. And usually, when you reach a personal goal you feel fulfilled, proud and empowered to immediately tackle the next goal on your to-do list.

We’re here to tell you Home Goals work exactly the same way, but they affect your home’s health (and your home’s value, too).

The importance of planning aheadzillow-installing-light-fixture-16

As we all know, life is VERY busy and sometimes when you don’t put something on the calendar or make a conscious effort to get it done, it just will not get done. Projects around the house fall into that category.

It’s not because we’re lazy, not because we don’t want to do them, just because life. is. busy. Creating home goals at the start of the year allows you to make these projects a priority, get them on the calendar and make a commitment to check them off the to-do list before it’s too late for your property value.

Make your home proud

It’s only six days into the new year, but we are already challenging you to sit down and make some goals for your home in 2017. Here are some great ones:

  • Haven’t you always wanted an art room?
  • Do the colors of your carpets match as well as they could? We bet that’d make your place sing!
  • Lawn stuff can be the worst, but it makes your home look the best.
  • What are your electrical levels? Can you make things more efficient? Do you have a wire jungle anywhere?
  • Flip your mattress finally. Or better yet, get a new one altogether!
  • Changing the color of even a single wall can totally change the mood of an entire room. Why not try it?
  • Some of your furniture is barely hanging on for life…it happens. Maybe budget for a new addition in 2017.
  • Do at least one great remodel this year if you can: a window, your counters, even just a door frame!
  • And of course…the gutters!

Once you have a list of attainable goals you can tackle this year, make a plan to get them done! Schedule the projects on the calendar, start a separate account to build the budget, research ideas, start a Pinterest board, and when the time comes– do the work! (Grab a friend, that helps us.)

Chances are when you have a verbalized plan, you will put a priority on them and won’t let other things get in the way. And just like your personal goals, completing these projects will make you feel more proud, excited, and empowered to keep on working!


To 2017, DIY-ers!


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