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Long Winding Driveway

Photo Credit: Don O’Brien

The very first day of the illustrious moving industry career of yours truly: On a delivery from storage we found ourselves coaxing our tractor/short trailer up a long, winding driveway. Not sure what the situation would be at the top – and not wanting to have to back down the entire way if there was no room up there to turn around – we parked and walked the rest of the way to the house. A few minutes later, walking back to the truck, something looked weird.

Very weird. And very wrong.

Turned out the brakes on the tractor failed, allowing both tractor and trailer to roll backwards, with the trailer ending up stuck in the ditch running along this long, sloped driveway. The customer was not pleased that we were stuck. The boss was pretty pissed he had to send a wrecker to pull us out. We weren’t too happy about waiting around for ninety minutes not getting paid and feeling like idiots.

I can say, however, that on every other day I’ve ever been on a truck that the driver parked on any kind of slope I put chocks under the tires. It only takes a minute. It can save you a whole lot more.

The same goes for all our equipment. Get that dresser centered on your 4-wheeler. Double-check the straps on that piano board. Keep those rug runners, that protective cardboard, those pieces of masonite secured neatly and evenly in place. And please… make sure your walkboards aren’t going to slip and slide underfoot.


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