Seasonal Business – Capitalizing on the Snow, All Year Round

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Well it looks as though we can finally (maybe) kiss this winter good bye. For those in the northeast especially, the snows were heavy and relentless and seemingly endless. Anyone got any rock salt left?

As we see in this article from the Massachusetts Daily Hampshire Gazette, the snow caused problems for people trying to move far beyond the trucks not being able to get down those snow-packed residential side streets. Open houses had to be cancelled, home inspectors couldn’t do their jobs, and the tons of snowmelt is causing concern about rooftops and basements leaking.

But what really caught our eye was the part about a real estate agent struggling to clear a newly-sold home of all the furniture put in place by a staging company. Because once the house sells that furniture has to be hauled away pronto.

And we thought about the opportunity this meant.

What if, during the nasty winter months, we advertised the added service of clearing the snow from prospective customers’ driveways and front walks? What if we hooked up with real estate agencies, offering to take care of the exact sort of predicament we see here? What if we formed a working relationship with a home staging company like this moving company in North Carolina just did? What extra business might we be able to drum up in the slower winter season? What extra business might this lead to all year round?

Speaking of year-round, this dog-walking service offered by NorthStar gives us another idea. The situation may only come up once in a blue moon, but might we attract an extra customer here and there if we could provide a kind of dog-walking service along with our regular moving services, to keep Rover out of the way while our guys are doing their thing? Hire a high-schooler we know and trust and let them earn a few extra bucks. Finding a professional dog-walker in the area might open up new possibilities we never thought of. In short, what about adding “pet sitting” to our list of available services?

Sounds crazy, maybe. But hey, you never know.


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