Sochi – Getting to the Games

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Sochi Storage & Moving

Photo of Sochi Fireworks

Sochi Fireworks – credit to Abd allah Foteih

In keeping with the mounting Olympic spirit, we at HireAHelper wanted to bring you all a peek inside the Games, and what it might be like to be involved as a professional mover. Thousands of athletes, trainers and support staff. Games officials, security personnel and media types. Cossacks. All of them, from every corner of the world, heading for Sochi on the Black Sea. Who gets to move all their stuff? And how do they do it?

We found an unbelievable answer in Sebastian Stahl.

Stahl, Managing Director of a German logistics company called Conceptum, took inspiration from an experience previous to his time at Conceptum years ago with the US luge team. The concept was simple – these athletes needed their sleds delivered, intact and in time for their training. Stahl eventually brought the idea to Conceptum, where it turned into something huge.

Photo of USA Bobsled Team

Team USA Bobsled photo credit to the U.S. Army

Conceptum now not only takes charge of Canada’s sleds but handles logistics for the entire Canadian Olympic Committee, moving the equivalent of ten African elephants to Sochi by sea, including:

  •  Sports and exercise equipment
  •  IT and medical equipment
  •  Canadian Olympic Team uniforms including Hudson’s Bay clothing and accessories, Adidas footwear and Oakley sunglasses
  •  Signs, banners and gifts
  •  Administrative and kitchen supplies
  •  2,800 Tide pods and hundreds of bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner
  •  Canadian Tire outdoor furniture, hockey nets and ping pong tables
  •  Snack products: Cheerios, Nature Valley granola bars, Fibre1 bars, Dentyne and more

Talk about finding a niche and running with it!

As you watch these Olympic Games, think for a moment about a couple of things. What kind of commitment does it take for someone to make it to the Olympics? And what kind of people do they need supporting them?

Then, think about how you can take your own performance to the next level.

PS – By the way, it seems that maybe they are still in need of movers over there in Sochi. Some guys to haul some more things over to the athletes’ hotel rooms. Some dressers, a bunch of desks, a load of television sets. A few boxes of shower curtains maybe…

Enjoy the Games, everyone!


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