Spring Cleaning: Yard Cleanup for Curb Appeal

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DIY Corner – Spring Cleaning OUTSIDE Edition

If you’re welcoming potential buyers to your home, you want them to like what they see not just from the inside of your home, but from the outside as well. Your home’s interiors may be gorgeous, but if the outside doesn’t match… you may have a hard time even getting those home buyers to come inside. Time for a yard cleanup checklist.


We know it’s been a rough winter for everyone across the country, and we’re guessing your lawn and front yard have probably seen better days. We’re here to help you do a little yard spring cleaning with curb appeal in mind.


1. Get Cleaning

You’ll first need to do a basic cleanup of your property. This would entail removing dead leaves, fallen branches, trash, and picking up any of your dog’s “business” from the winter months. Yep. We didn’t say this was going to be a glamorous job…but it’s the most important part of the curb appeal process. So grab a garbage bag, a pair of gloves, and start trash picking.


2. Remove Clutter

If you’re selling your home, you’ve probably tackled the clutter inside, but it’s also important to remove any clutter on the outside of your home. This could include toys in the yard, your garden gnome collection, and broken patio furniture. Create a minimalistic, yet inviting, space outside your home.

3. Wash the Dirt & Grime Away

A power washer can definitely come in handy when it comes to spring cleanup. Rent one, buy one, or just borrow one from a neighbor because this tool is a must to improve the look of your front yard. Get rid of all of the dirt and grime from the winter season, and get your driveway and pathways looking bright and clean again.


4. Clean your Gutters

This is something you should be doing already, even if you’re not selling. Prevent home damage and clean out the gutters on your home. Potential buyers may be turned off if they see yours are full of soggy leaves and dead twigs.

5. Trim it Down

When someone drives by your home, you want them to see your actual home… not the overgrown trees or bushes blocking your home. Prune your bushes, trim any low-hanging tree branches, and cut down any overgrown hedges. This will keep the attention to the right place… your home.


So, this weekend we urge you to head outdoors and work on your home’s curb appeal. Use our tips and impress prospective buyers before they even get out of their cars.


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