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Stop Putting Propane Tanks on Moving Trucks

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[Synopsis: Another unfortunate moving situation, caused by entirely avoidable errors.]

Flammables like gasoline, paint thinner and propane are not allowed on a moving van for a very obvious reason.

“Yes, we know. It has to do with that ‘flammable’ part. Thanks for the newsflash.”

You’re welcome. But there’s more to it, as one very unlucky family in Texas found out this summer. A fire broke out on the truck carrying all their belongings to their new home in the woods.

The ABC News piece doesn’t get into the blame game about why there was a propane tank on the truck, they simply include a statement of acknowledgement by the moving company that the propane tank at the center of the problem should never have been in there.

The fortunate side of the incident was that the fire damaged a very limited number of items: a couch, two chairs and a barbeque. (We’re not sure how you burn a barbeque.) Unfortunately, it seems everything else the family was moving has been irreparably damaged by the smoke that also filled the truck.

“The family can’t really gather in their living room,” ABC tells us, “because the furniture reeks of smoke.”

“This is a log cabin,” adds Kim Ellis, the mom whose family is sleeping on cots for the time being. “It’s gonna absorb all that smell and we’re gonna ruin our entire home.”

Skipping any details about whether the family was offered or considered any valuation coverage, ABC only reports that the moving company is prepared to pay the family the often-anger-inducing 60 cents per pound of freight moved as compensation.

There are two things every moving company can do to avoid a situation like this.

“Yes, we know. Explain coverage options to the customer and don’t put a propane tank on the truck.”

Yep, you guys are definitely on the ball.


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