Real People: How StoragePost Served Us And Our Community

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Photo of Caroline CasettiThis is a true story, written by 30-something wife and mom, Caroline Casetti of Atlanta, GA. It is the newest post in our Real People series. Enjoy!

How Self-Storage Can Impact Your Life and the Community

I began the process of relocating from Texas to Decatur, Georgia with my husband last year. Attempting to pack the many items that we owned, I realized that I had two options – sell the excess stuff or store it. I went online in search of a storage facility located near our new place and decided to go with StoragePost.

I think it’s important to choose a storage facility where you feel comfortable visiting. The aspects that ultimately influenced my decision were the location, amount of security, and the climate-controlled conditions. If you’re anything like me, you may also be curious to know which companies give a portion of their profits to charity. After searching online, I came across details of the community events that StoragePost takes part in.

I was happy to see that the company had involvement with charitable organizations in different states, like a really cool nonprofit organization here in Georgia, which provides healthcare needs with the help of volunteer pilots. I’m no pilot, but I really liked the goal of their organization so I actually began donating to the cause.

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StoragePost Charity Beyond Texas

It turns out that StoragePost’s community involvement was a topic of conversation amongst my in-laws as well. The two of them originally resided in New Jersey, where their local branch of StoragePost partners with a nonprofit organization to conduct community coat drives. Although StoragePost came up in their conversation, I’m pretty sure they didn’t anticipate needing their services so soon.

Just before my husband and I were scheduled to move, my father-in-law took a bad fall that landed him in the hospital. Preparing to move in the midst of this accident made things pretty hectic for us because we were just about to settle into a new home, but we wanted to visit dad and make sure that he had a successful recovery – he was going to need some physical therapy and a calm environment in order to get back on his feet quickly. This ultra-tough, independent man had no problem admitting for once that yes, he needed some assistance from the ones who love him.

And so, we decided on the ambitious task of moving my husband’s parents to Georgia along with us. We felt it was the right decision to have the pair move near us so that we could offer my mother-in-law some help as she cared for her husband. StoragePost provided my in-laws with both a moving truck and a helper, free of charge. This eliminated the stress of finding a licensed and insured moving company and made their move so much smoother.


Downsizing – It’s Hard to Put Memories in Storage

Carrying the washer up the ramp.There was a moment where my mother-in-law got really emotional while moving furniture around her new home. She realized that all of her pieces did not have a place in the house, with its noticeable difference in size compared to her previous home. I knew exactly how she was feeling because in the weeks leading to that, I was forced to sort through my belongings to choose what stayed and what was to be put away.

It was difficult to do but the upside was that, those pieces weren’t lost forever. My husband and I rented a self-storage unit at the location we found online and shared it with his parents. We acquired so many odd finds over the years, and many of those still carry a lot of meaning. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of them.

If ever mom started to miss seeing a huge collection of childhood photos or a souvenir she picked up during a trip to Egypt, she could always go back and find them. Our storage facility is nearby and has 24 hour access. She even changed the décor of the house from time-to-time by using a lot of her belongings that were placed in storage.


My parents finally got settled in their new place, and so did we. Moving two families to a new state at the same time could have been an absolute nightmare, but I’m glad that it went smoothly. Thanks to some help from this StoragePost, my husband and I are enjoying our time in Georgia and my in-laws, who are only a few minutes away, are relaxing while they get their first taste of southern living.


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