Summer is Coming: More Jobs, New Features

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Even if the upcoming summer months are your very first as a mover, I’m sure you don’t need us to repeat this: prepared to get busy. Like, super busy.

The great news is that HireAHelper is here to help you during the ensuing busy season, and this year we’ve got even more ways to get the most out of your summer months with some pro-tips and some great, new features!

Update ALL Your Info

No matter the circumstances, rest assured that customers will be quick to notice if your profile is not up-to-date. To maximize your profits, log into your HireAHelper Helper Account and make sure everything is optimized, including:

  • Pricing and service options
    • Are you happy with your travel radius and travel fee? You will definitely get customers at your travel limit, so adjust it accordingly.
  • Calendar
    • If your availability is not properly maintained, customers will not be able to see you in order to book you (Good news: we’re about to make this even easier!).
  • Description
    • Plainly communicating what you offer, free of spelling and grammatical errors, is a great way to make an impression.
  • Crew and Equipment
    • How many people work for you? Who are they? Are they background checked? Uniformed? What equipment do you provide?

New Feature: Hourly Scheduling and Automated Blocking, Coming Soon!


You asked and we listened: soon you will be able to schedule availability on your HireAHelper Helper Account by the hour. We also will be implementing a brand new, automated time slot system to block times! That means if you’re busy at a particular time, you won’t ever have to worry about inopportune bookings.

We will release more details on these new features and how they’ll work with your Helper Account soon. We hope this will become yet another way HireAHelper can give you an easier busy season with even more orders for you!


  1. William Rocci

    Are we going to be able to set up limited access sub accounts for the crew leaders??
    That way they can see Job details, And assign themselves to jobs, And also use the google map feature, without having the ability to change things on the account………

    1. HireAHelper

      Yes, this is a feature we’ve had several helpers ask about, so it’s on our radar. It won’t be coming before the summer, but keep an eye out for HireAHelper news in the near future!

  2. Eric Meekins

    I think there should be a mark up on Sunday Jobs. Its hard to get men out, plus those who pay workmens screws up the pay roll. Thanks!

    1. HireAHelper

      That isn’t something we’ve heard much demand for, but we take all suggestions from helpers seriously.

      We’ll be sending out a survey in the near future to get more feedback about what features and functionality helpers would like added, so make sure to respond, as we base our priorities based on those responses!

    2. Mike Laumua

      This is a great idea.

  3. Eric Meekins

    Perhaps a feature for sunday Jobs.

  4. Cody Keppel

    Having the ability to charge more or less for certain days would be great. It’d also be nice to charge w/e markup we see fit for same days jobs.

  5. Andrew Gelinas

    Its hard to accept jobs that require a ferry transport to be under the 100 mile travel radius. Twice i have been booked for lomg island jobs that require a ferry ride otherwise its a 200+ mile trip one way maybe you guys can get the customer agree to pay for tge roundtrip ferry ride or pay. For travel time for the 4 or so hours there and back. Thanks

    1. HireAHelper


      We try our hardest to accommodate even the most unique of circumstances for our helpers. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a ferry travel fee solution (yet). A few suggestions: Setting your per mile travel fee higher will help recoup some of the travel costs. You might also write inside your mover description that you charge a Ferry Fee, when applicable.

      We appreciate you bringing this to our attention – we definitely take it all under consideration for future improvements.

      1. Andrew Gelinas

        Thanks i will definitely. Put that in ny moving description

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