Report: Three Movers Save Woman From Armed Ex-Boyfriend


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[Synopsis: The story of how three movers in an alley in Chicago became heroes of circumstance.]

Ever been called a hero? On the job, that is? You know, customers singing our praises for getting that armoire down the stairs with nary a single scratch in the wood or nick in the wall? Or maybe for hauling a basement full of boxes and clutter out the door in less time than estimated? For just doing our jobs?

Just doing our job.

And that’s what Josh Lara, Cody Grandt and Mike Zaininger of Chicago’s Wisdom Moving Company were doing this past October when a woman came running up to them, begging for a cell phone as if her life depended on it. As it turned out, it did. A nearby perpetrator, reported to be her ex-boyfriend, was threatening her life with a firearm inside of her nearby office. After quickly assessing the situation, the movers hid her inside their moving truck after she approached them looking for help, then they called the authorities.

The Chicago police would later credit these movers for saving that woman’s life.

Check out the story by WGNTV.


“I think there’s a hero in all of us,” Josh Lara says. “It just takes a certain situation.”

Yep. You done good, boys.


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