Moving Truck Checked for Explosives, Raises Questions


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Some fancy equipment and a bomb-sniffing dog detected the presence of “potentially explosive material” in or on a Big Foot Moving & Storage truck when a crew arrived to deliver the belongings of a service member who was recently assigned to Hanscom. A security perimeter was established, roads were closed, buildings were evacuated, and the FBI and ATF were alerted.

“Given the times we live in, we operate in an abundance of caution,” said Boston State Police Major Fran Leahy after a moving truck was stopped at the gates of Hanscom Air Force Base just northwest of Boston.

Reportedly no explosives were found and the truck was allowed to enter the base to deliver their load. However, a number of pallets were removed for more testing. Major Leahy states that Big Foot, an approved contractor for the federal government, is cooperating fully and “no one is suspected of a crime.”

Big Foot’s statement on the matter can be found here.

The obvious and as yet unanswered question is: What was the “potentially explosive material”?

Lab testing may provide the answer, which may not be quite as intriguing as the plot of a terror and espionage thriller. It could be the residue of a flammable liquid that leaked out of a weed whacker or a barbecue grill. It could be paint thinner. It could be lawn fertilizer. It could be something that definitely should not go on a moving truck – or in a warehouse – but could (and may prove to be) something found in most garages across the country.

“This was the right response for the situation,” we are told.

Right, for the times we live in.


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