The Perils of Driving Your Truck Uninsured


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In the heat of the summer rush or in a pinch, have you ever had one of your guys drive when they weren’t supposed to? We don’t want you to answer that – but think about it. Were you nervous they might get into an accident? Or even just get pulled over? How relieved were you when you saw them pull safely back into the yard?

If you’ve ever had to let one of your guys drive down the road and around the corner, or if you one day find yourself stuck without a driver and feel like tempting fate, we want to share the story of Seattle’s Can’t Stop Moving who, true to their name, didn’t let Washington’s driving regulations slow them down.

On the road, they had no evident issues. But it was a routine inspection by the state that put the brakes on them, fining them $51,900 for the violations, which were as follows: Drivers without medical certification, drivers with suspended licenses and trucks that hadn’t been regularly inspected. The guys operating Can’t Stop Moving’s trucks may have been extremely safe drivers. Nevertheless, their crimes were uncovered. 

You movers out there all have your own unique set of circumstances. You know what you can and can’t do. And we all know how crazy things get in the summer.

For all practical purposes, being safe on the road is what counts.

But for the state, following the rules is just as important. Just ask Can’t Stop Moving.


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