University President Loses Everything in Moving Truck Fire


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As the summer winds down, college students aren’t the only ones scrambling to get ready for the new school year. University professors and administrators have to sweat it out too. And no one, perhaps, has more to do than Timothy Mottet, the new president of Colorado State University in Pueblo.

After moving to southeast Colorado from Kansas City, MO, Mr. Mottet had everything he owned go up in flames on a highway in western Kansas.

Photo by John Jaques

“I’ve got a suit and a pen,” he tells us as he sits in his empty office, managing a smile for the camera.

We are told it is unknown why the truck hauling his and two other families’ goods caught fire in the early morning near Colby, KS, 250 miles from his new home. We do know that he lost pretty much everything. “I’m starting from scratch,” Mottet says. We also don’t know what type of coverage he had on his shipment, if any. But like anyone moving, there is a lot of irreplaceable stuff: photos, framed documents and tragically even a family member’s ashes are among the items he says are gone.

His misfortune has been met with an outpouring of kindness from the community. His new housekeeper, who so far hasn’t had much to clean in his empty house, brought him a load of stuff for his kitchen. He also says he hasn’t had to pay for a meal since arriving in town with his pen. “Everyone has just been incredibly generous,” Mottet says.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the ups and downs, he still has a job to do, getting to know the ins and outs of his new domain and charting a course for his university’s future. Which is how it is for all our customers. People want to be moved so they can move on with things.

Stay Safe, Know Your Cargo

Movers everywhere: It’s crucial to know the types of things you cannot bring on a moving truck so this type of thing doesn’t happen. But if something does happen along the way, we can only hope that unfortunate customer is as gracious as Mr. Mottet.

Finish the summer up safe, ladies and gents.


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